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Let's create the TalkBass favorite Reverb #1

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by karla684, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Here is an idea... I need your help!

    I'm really impressed with the TC Electronic TonePrint editor. It's extremely rich in all its features/settings available.
    So my idea is, with the input from the reverb interested part of the TB community, to try and create a truly great bass reverb effect.

    But how? I think of an evolutionary approach, where the reverb will develop over some iterations. For example I will present 3 different reverbs. You can then vote on the one you prefer and come with suggestions on how to further improve it. I present three new reverb sounds based on the one you voted for but modified according to your suggestions.

    Whadda you say? Up for a little experiment?
    First I need a bass line which the reverb will be tested on. Any suggestions?

  2. I seem have missed the thread where people were offering suggestions, but what I'd like to see is an adjustable high pass filter on the reverb signal, and separate volume controls for wet and dry signals. And a shimmer mode!

    Is any of this possible with the Toneprint software?
  3. You haven't missed a thing. I haven't posted any clips yet.

    So the TonePrint Editor is a software were you can sculpt your own reverb sound to your liking. And there are lots of parameters to tweak. Regarding the high pass filter, there is a setting for the low end content of the reverb tail, so you can decrease the volume of the lower frequencies of the reverb tail with this.
    And for the control of wet/dry there is a mix knob with which you can mix in any amount of reverb to your dry signal as you like.
    You have more info on the TonePrint Editor in this thread:

    So I will post some clips below... Choose your favorite and suggest improvements and I will try to create a great sounding reverb with your help! :bassist:
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