Let's Go!

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  1. Well I was at my friends house today, and before I left he said, "hey ya wanna borrow my Rancid cd?" so i was like "Yeah man!" cause I've only heard a handful of Rancid songs. And all I gotta say is wow this is a great cd! I've heard "Nihilism" before, but I had no idea this was such a great cd! I think I might have a new favorite band :)

    Anyone else love "Let's Go!" as much as I do?

    Looks like I might add something Rancidish to my sig....
  2. i don't have it, but you can't go wrong with rancid. i just got their first self-titled album on vinyl, it's so crazy and full of energy. funny thing is, the album starts off with tim screaming "let's gooooooo!!" which might have been more appropriate for the 2nd album.
  3. Lets Go is by far my favorite Rancid CD, and I have all of them except the new one. Its great, and the first 15 or so songs are excellent. It should end there, but the last like 9 songs arent bad though.

    I knew just from the title that this was about Rancid, and my eyes lit up, hehe, im a Rancid junkie, what can I say.
  4. tresdirnt

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    May 12, 2001
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    I to have discovered the joys of Rancid. What a band. 1998 is good.
  5. purple_haze

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    Jun 29, 2001
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    I only have one Rancid song I downloaded (Ruby Soho), but they sound like The Clash which can only be a good thing, so I'll be checking that out.

    Funny thing is, when I saw "Let's go" as the subject, I though this was going to be a Ramones thread. (Speaking of which, I got their anthology, i.e. entire career for £12, $20) :D
  6. tresdirnt

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    May 12, 2001
    Isle of Wight (U.K.)
    the ramones, now that is a band I would like to listen to. The respect I would get.
  7. I cant even find the ramones anthology used for $20, you jerk! :D