Let's See Your Low-Budget Club-Killer!

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  1. Post 'em, you know you want to! Here's mine:


    *SWR SM-400s, acquired through a trade for a small, rather nice bass combo;
    *Furman Power Conditioner, for 'spike' protection in dumpy bars with 60 year-old wiring (I like my amp);
    *Hartke VX-215, sans-tweeter (bypassed and spray-painted 'invisible');
    *'Lucky', my Squire Parts-Bass w/ Indonesian 'A'-neck, Mahogany body and old Duncan p'up (I think);
    *Bullet coil-cable, because it's fun and doesn't get stepped on.

    What's in your back seat?? :bassist:

    I wonder if this is already a thread... :p
  2. St Drogo

    St Drogo

    Oct 9, 2009
    Well now. That's a different question altogether :)
  3. two fingers

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    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    Profile Silhouette P bass copy (from Australia I think). I drove 3 hours into VA to buy it for $40 just because I had never heard of one before. It plays and sounds great (although it looks like it's been drug behind a truck).
    Fender PA 100 head (old tube PA head with 4 channels) not worth anything but sounds like BUTTAH.
    Avatar 1-12 cab. That thing it tuned boomy as crap but for a good muddy blues line it works fine.
    Old carpeted Carvin 2-10 cab for extra volume if I need it (I know mixing drivers and all but it's just a little open mic gig. The 2-10 actually cleans up the crappy tuning of the Avatar pretty well.)

    I take this rig on nights when I am the house bass player for an open mic blues night. I will even let a harp guy plug into one of the other channels and we'll both be going through the rig at the same time. The whole ball of wax probably has a street value of a few hundred bucks. Budget wise it's a far cry from my Fender Roscoe Beck Sig V and Mesa Walkabout stack covered in wine lizard tolex, but it's still fun to play that setup. I love to see the looks on other bass players' faces when they see that getup.... especially the ones who know what other gear I own.
  4. That's the spirit! Bet the Fender head sounds pretty great alright. Nice.
  5. I may use this tonight for a DB/maybe doubling(if my chops fail)gig: 70-something Crate 1B+Ibanez(Maxon)UE-405- for the parametric EQ, to tame the DB's wolf tone. Pics later. 30 SS WATTS :hyper:
  6. I remember seeing small stacks of those in music stores back in the 80s! Yeah you have to throw a pic here man... :cool:
  7. jungleheat

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    Jun 19, 2011
    I have a full SWR/Trace stack that I paid a total of about 700 bucks (first year or so Bass 350, Trace "wedge" 2x10, and old 1518, both about 20+ years old from the "racing stripe" era). Sounds killer.

    That's not even the craziest part, I later bought a modern Trace head for about $225 (including shipping), that is a beast, because the combo it was part of was damaged in shipping. I took a chance on it and everything worked out perfectly, EXCEPT it has since had an "accident" and needs some repair. So it won't be so budget any more.

    I also have an old Carvin 1x15 cab that came with an old Peavey 1502 Black Widow. It sounded great as is, but then I got what I considered a great deal on a truly NOS EV EVM 15B Pro Series for about $150. Then later I also got a JBL M151 (the driver that was used in the Ampeg Gene Simmons "Punisher" cabs) for maybe $100. So after I eventually sell the Peavey, at any given time, that cab will have way less than $200 in it, and it sounds awesome.
  8. :eyebrow: :p So what happened?

    Wait- gotta let that all 'settle in' here...! :smug:

    So, pix!