Lets talk about Brian Jones

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Joe Nerve, Nov 6, 2012.

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    When I was a teen I worshiped Brian Jones. So much so that it almost killed me (did my best to emulate him after reading Up and Down With the Stones).

    Was just doing a little research to post some clips in another thread and learned something I never knew. In Ruby Tuesday he's playing a recorder, not a flute.

    In my early days of musicianship a friend of mine had me listen to Ruby Tuesday and study (with my ears) the flute part. He said that's what playing with emotion was all about. I still agree.

    Technically, Brian Jones wasn't much to talk about, but I think as far as writing and expressing himself on an instrument he was brilliant. And underated. Anyhow, for those who never listened closely, do yourself a favor and listen closely to what he did in this played out song:

    Was going to write and post more, but got caught up in something else. Ya'll can do the rest of the talking and posting. :)
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    Also a Jones fan. By all accounts, he was pretty much useless the last couple records, but he was a very talented cat in his prime.

    To me, his high water mark is the mellotron on We Love You. He played it like a rhythm intrument!.. then morphed into some killer Moroccan modal stuff. Never heard a mellotron used that way since.