Let's talk dual Ps...

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  1. I love P basses, but I've never played a dual P bass. Is it twice as awesome as a regular P? :D

    I'm guessing it's not or the config would have more representation than a couple BC Rich models and a Fender PWn shop. What say the talkbass collective? Love? Hate? Indifferent? Why?
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    Oct 31, 2008
    I love them here:

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    Plus one bazillion! One of my favorite music videos, period.
  4. I gigged with a BC Rich Eagle NT for several years. It had twin Bassline P's, both reversed. Sounded pretty heavy but pretty hissy. Of course it was 20+ years old (and beat to hell) when I got it, so YMMV. Had a Squier P/J at one point, with a reverse P in the neck spot and it sounded incredible-tight, punchy, and huge.


    Apr 30, 2008
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    Like these?

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    Mar 22, 2010
    The depth of that pocket made my head explode.
  7. +25.8069
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    Oct 9, 2011
    i am getting that peavey tl6 soon
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    I have the Fender Blacktop with the duel P's. This is a Jazz bass with the p'ups in the jazz locations, so trying to use only the neck p'up does not get you the "P" sound. You get the best sound out of this bass using a combination of the two p'ups.

    Also use a '81 BC Rich with duel reversed......this bass has my sound!
  10. I don't think a dual P is something I would be interested in owning or playing...

    ...except I do have high respect and admiration for this one:

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    Isn't the position of the P pickup one of the most important factors? How would two P's in the wrong spots cop a P sound?
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    I wasn't expecting a band like that to have a guy playing a BC Rich (because its a pointy bass) or for that sound to come out of it. It actually sounds a little like a Jazz bass.
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    I was waiting for Lee's P in this thead.:bassist:
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    You are going to love it. Best bass ever made.
  15. +1. My God. Miles would have said those guys are "Bad Mother-you-know-what's.."
  16. That should be required viewing the day a person buys a bass...
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    The OP didn't say whether he was particular about the traditional P-bass tone, but you are correct. Moving the pickup 1/2" or more (some say as little as 1/4") will affect tone.

    I have a dual P-bass currently in the works from Carey Nordstrand. One of the pickups will be in the standard P location. The other location is TBA, but my primary goal is to maintain the traditional P tone, plus one pickup for variety when desired.
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    I have always wanted to try a Fender Elite II ever since I heard about them years ago, I haven't tried the new modern players or whatever it is Fender currently makes with 2 P pickups.
  19. I like the idea of a dual P, because I don't like the hum of single coil pickups. And I also like the reverse-P configuration that is common on double-P basses. But such basses definitely do end up sounding a bit (sometimes a LOT) different than a standard P. And that's OK as long as you like how it sounds.
  20. i have a 72 pbass, with dual EMG P's
    one is in the stock position, and one starts at the end of the pickgaurd. sounds pretty!