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  1. I'm looking for a bass friendly (and hopefully wallet friendly) clone/tweak of the BOSS FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz. I like the FZ-2 because it's stable in a signal chain. A quick glance at this thread, and you might suggest the Behringer SF300. Which is great. But like the pedal it clones, it cuts too much bass.

    I've been giving a long look at the Orange Fur Coat. One thing I read is that it likes to be first in the signal chain. Which doesn't work for me. I need something that doesn't get weird with a buffered signal. I do like that it has switchable octave though.

    The Ampeg Scrambler and its derivatives sound, well, scrambled. There's something about that circuit I don't like compared to the tweaked Super Fuzz of the FZ-2. I should note that I only use Mode 1. i'm not interested in the scooped tone of Mode 2.

    So what'cha got? Because at this point, as much as I hate menus, I might be leaning towards the Source Audio Aftershock. I've also seen some positive talk about the Malekko Diabolik, but don't know much about it. Or maybe you have inside info on BOSS releasing a bass friendly FZ-2w, because that would be super cool.
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    I like octave and I like fuzz, but I tend to use separate units - EHX POG and Big Muff Pi Deluxe. Works for me. Psycha-deli-cize!
  3. I really liked the solidgoldfx 76.
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  5. I did this for a long time with an Eventide Pitchfactor. There's a difference in sound between analog octave up and digital. While I'm certainly not opposed to digital, in this setting, it's not the sound I'm going for.

    This pedal appears discontinued. Will look out for used, but not sure there are any deals to be had.

    This is an octave down fuzz, not an octave up. There's also a bass version. Other similar pedals are the Catalinbread Perseus and Cusack Sub Fuzz. Cool sound, but not what I'm going for.
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  6. I used a bass big muff pi and an ebs octabass and got the most disgusting in a good way tone ever out of that combo
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  7. Melekko B:Assmaster, Black Cat Bass Octave Fuzz (If you want to spend some $$$), Hiero Effects BEAD
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    Mythrandyr from Blackhawk Amplifiers.
    Or if you want more wallet friendly the Fuzztration from Wampler is great on bass, Baxandall EQ.
  9. How does the Fuzztration sit in the mix? My obvious problem with the Hyper Fuzz is all the bottom end gets removed. Yeah, I get octave fuzz, but sound of the entire band shifts and the guitar isn't supported the way I want it to be.
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    It’s thick. The EQ is very bass friendly.
  11. I have a solid gold fx 76 that I quite like but never managed to get as bass friendly as the demos.. I still use it but could be on the chopping block.
    Of all the styles in the aftershock the only reason I would have kept mine was she octave fuzz, their version does sound good! I just didn’t like the UI for trying to dial in at a gig.
    Another that’s not too bad Is the kangra fuzz / filter. Can drop a little bass in some settings and not many options to dial in but works great with filters. Also had the hiero bead v1 which is great but it’s a chainsaw and well you better like that chainsaw! The clean blend in the bead is good if you need it.
    I did buy the sf300 but messing around so much at home thought too much if a bass drop for band.
    My top recommendation would be aftershock if you don’t mind the UI of using app to set it up properly… else quite a few other good contenders as above.
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    The Sub Machine is based on the Foxx Tone Machine, and so has the analog octave up fuzz option as well as the analog sub octave - the octave footswitch is in fact for the octave up. Very different fuzz to the MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz.
    Sadly the Sub Machine can lack a little punch in the low end with the Sub engaged, but then a sub octave is a different effect to some boosted bass.

    Blue Colander Doppel and the Moose Electronics Nomad are both great bass friendly evolutions of the Foxx Tone Machine that are well worth a look.

    Fjord Fuzz have the Fenris which is an amazing octave up fuzz with origin in the super fuzz lineage, and has really beefy low end available.
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    The MXR Sub Machine is one of my favorite pedals ever. As others have said, it has a sub octave knob control AND an octave up footswitch. The sub can be run in series or parallel to the fuzz. I use the octave up almost 100% of the time. It's a brilliant pedal and one a true gem among the big manufacturers imo.
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    Brassmaster circuits are also great as @BrentSimons mentioned above.

    I love the Diabolik but it's volume spike makes it really hard to dial in ime.
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    Go grab one of the many Superfuzz or Ibanez Standard Fuzz clones. Brad Davis, the bass player from Fu Manchu, builds a mean Super/Standard fuzz (Creepy Fingers FX)
    Solid Gold in Canada makes the 76 and PigeonFX in the UK makes a good clone. Watson was another. FWIW, the Voodoo Lab Superfuzz actually isn't, it's a clone of the Jordan Bosstone.
    I used to have a bunch of originals, but the prices are nuts these days and the modern clones are true bypass, more reliable, and can be replaced relatively easily.
    The old Fuzz Masters and Roland Bee Baa were good octave fuzz too.

    Have a look here for some clones: https://www.effectsdatabase.com/model/shinei/companion/fy6#related
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    Source Audio Ultrawave is also an extremely good choice. Maybe a canon to kill a mosquito, but it’s a wonderful cannon.
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  17. I own this. It's a clone of Foxx Tone Machine. I love this pedal....its a keeper. Like anything Orange, it can get HAIRY. I love this entire line of Orange pedals. Also have the Kongpressor optical comp.

    Edit: I'd go early in the chain with this, but it doesn't HAVE to be first.
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    I took it off my board because it’s so nasty and I don’t have a practical use for it but the Game Changer Audio plasma coil has some cool octave options. I just don’t play that kind of music but dang is it a fun pedal.
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