Let's talk Octave Fuzz

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  1. I always wanted more octave up content in my octave fuzzes so using a cheap pitch shifter with my favorite dirt boxes does the deed for me.
    I also really like the octave fuzz sounds I'm getting with the SA Bass Ultrawave and the Aftershock has some tasty options too.
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  2. My problem with Source Audio is option paralysis. I've got the sounds I dial in on the Bass Multiwave Distortion and they're great because all of the control is in how you set the knobs on the pedal. And it's very sensitive to instrument volume and tone knobs. With the Ultra Wave and Aftershock, i'll spend hours on the app and preset library, and never get anywhere.

    I do want to be clear that this is a me problem, and not a Source Audio problem. The design of the pedals, software, and their almost limitless capabilities are amazing. They're just not for me.
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  3. Erik herman

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    Vox Trike Fuzz!!!
    So good I bought two!
  4. Smurf-o-Deth

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    Oct 2, 2007
    The state of denial.
    It’s a bit of an oddball suggestion, but the Foxrox Octron has a great octave-up that can absolutely fill the octave up fuzz niche (as well as a great octave down), especially into an already dirty signal.

    I’d also suggest the Peper’s Pedals Humongous Fuzz, which is a Hyper Fuzz clone with a clean blend and an HM-2 tonestack added.
  5. darkwasthenight


    Oct 17, 2010
    JPTR FX Add Violence is a modded Super - tone switch on a 'scoop' pot and then octave, clean blend, and 15db bass boost on internal trimpots. Designed for bass and extended range guitars.
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  6. If super fuzz style means octave up ( which to me doesn’t get octave up enough like the sf300 seems more treble fizz than other octave up fuzzes)
    There’s a heap of super fuzz clones… I had a way back bassfuzz.com version tentacle love super fuzz. It was in a zvex style long box with a “hook” (Kind of muffled muffish style) and “saw” (superfuzz) buttons, clean blend (that was always there though it was like part of the sound…) plus tone and volume. It was fun to mess around with but could never get it to work in a band mix.

    This one
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    Feb 4, 2018
    Actually, I think it’s an excellent suggestion. One of the best pedals I’ve owned. :thumbsup:
    8D82742B-7F1A-4FF5-9C1A-B754E0D5A1C4.jpeg AE1AC86D-B0D4-45ED-9371-0745BD386B60.jpeg
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    Jan 19, 2022
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    I'm just going to say that I don't think they need to come in the same package :) You can get your octave, then try it with various fuzzes. I know Josh Scott from JHS says it's not the same if you separate them, but I think he's just joking. Anyway, back to the original question... I like using a simple Henretta Engineering purple octopus octave-up pedal into a Fulltone '70 fuzz or a Analogman Sun Face with a clean blend.
  9. WillyW

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    Dec 10, 2019
    FZ-5 is $119 without shopping around.
  10. cymbop


    Mar 1, 2006
    Greenville, SC

    Collector Effectors Bad Sneaker Fuzz -> MXR Bass Octave Deluxe is my god tone.
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  11. I had an Octron many years ago that I sold for an Eventide Pitchfactor. IIRC, the fuzz is on the octave up only, and not on the base tone. Great pedal, but not what I'm looking for.

    Josh is correct. It is different. Whether that difference is bad or good depends on the person and the context. For me, I'm leaning against it.

    This could be the guy. Interested in how the tone stack differs. I haven't played an HM-2 in like 25 years.
  12. monsterthompson

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    Nov 25, 2008
    I've been happy with my purchase of the BSRI FZZ.

    I did this "ambient" piece with the BSRI FZZ and a Nordy Acinonyx.

    I've had a Magic/Dunwich Witchfinder for a short bit now, and I like it for various applications, but I find the octave a tad subtle and keep wanting it to be more like the BSRI.

    I've been looking at the Drolo Hogweed, and a few other options. The Does It Doom Sabbathi looks/sounds pretty good but the controls are limited to the output level knob and an internal gain trim pot. There's some bass in this demo around 2:58 and then again a bit later.
  13. I currently run an MXR Vintage Bass Octave into a Way Huge Pork and Pickle. Both pedals are very tweakable and I am really happy with the sounds (alone and combined), but you would be looking at $270 - $300 to get both so not the cheapest option.
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  14. Treyheartsweed


    Apr 3, 2022
    If you’re looking for a super fuzz style pedal, I’d check out blue colander’s opiate/big opiate. Don’t know if it requires the pedal to be first, but most super fuzz clones require it.
  15. That's the great thing about the Hyper Fuzz. Put it anywhere.
  16. Killing Floor

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    Feb 7, 2020
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    Oh my God oh my God OH MY GOD!!!
    I just got shipping confirmation of a Purple Stardust!!! Been waiting years.
    I’ll let you know soon if it measures up.
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  17. monsterthompson

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    Nov 25, 2008
    That’s quite the interesting box :)
  18. Fuzzonaut


    Aug 27, 2013
    Nebula is nice.

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  19. Smurf-o-Deth

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    Oct 2, 2007
    The state of denial.
    To clarify, the Humongous has the two band tonestack from the Hyper Fuzz, plus the HM-2 tonestack via the “Extra” knob. The three bands can be set to be active or not via internal dip switches (so if you only wanted the low band active when you turn up the Extra knob, for example, it can be set that way). It also has the “hidden” fuzz mode 3 from the Behringer copy.