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  1. Hi, I bet this is a stupid question, but I could never figure this out. On the back of my cab (Ampeg 410HLF) There is a knob that says "Level Control" and it has numbers going around it clockwise going from 20 down to 1. The numbers become more widely spaced as they go aroung clockwise. I thought that maybe it was a volume control, but when I turn it while I play, the volume does not change. Because of this I have never used this knob, I have just left it at 12 O' clock. I'm sure all you techies know what this does. What does it do? Is it important? :confused:
  2. That's your high frequency (tweeter) level control. The numbers usually refer to the amount of 'cut' versus a regular volume control, where the numbers represent 'gain'. If you turn the control all the way 'off' (counterclockwise), your tweeter will effectively be off. The 12 o'clock setting usually represents 'flat'... as if the attenuator was not in the circuit.

    If you have a bass that doesn't have a lot of high treble response, or if you don't use relatively new round wound strings, you probably won't notice much of a difference. In that case, I'd put the control on about 9am... just leave a little bit of the tweeter on but reduce any hiss that might be coming from the amp.

    Some bass players (those who slap or play using a very, very hi fi 'clean' tone) really like tweeters and they are an important part of their sound. Others (rock oriented players, for example, who use some distortion in their sound... that tone makes tweeters sound very harsh and brittle) hate them. It's all personal taste.
  3. O, ok. That makes sense. Thanks! I can always count on my fellow TBers!
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    as opposed to 9 Pm :D
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    haha spidersbass, that gave me a good laugh!
  6. Me too! The jokes on me :)
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    Unless I have the tweeter fully off on the level control on my Ampeg PR1528HE cabinet, the there is a buzzing sound coming out of the high end. Would the suspect likely
    be the tweeter itself or the driver in this case? I am very frustrated, I love this cab and want it working!
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    sounds like a blown tweeter to me, best to have a tech check it out for ya