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    I have a brand new, unused Levy's Leather's Padded Strap. Its a super wide 4" with thick padding. I bought it new from Amazon and it still has the tags and hanger on it.

    All the details: Levy's Leathers MSS2-4-BLK 4 Garment Leather Signature Series Bass Guitar Strap,Black: Musical Instruments
    • 4.5" garment leather bass strap with foam padding and garment leather backing
    • Adjustable from 36" to 52"
    Turns out my shoulder is narrower than i realized and I need a 2 or 3" strap. I only tried the strap once at home for about 45 seconds. Will trade for a high quality 2 or 3" strap. Black or brown but show me what you got, padded preferred.

    Cash is $45 conus or a little more for Int'l shipping. I can post pics tomorrow. it looks exactly like the amazon photo:
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  3. sold
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