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Lexicon effects processors? Other recommendations?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by mrWr0ng, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. Thought I would try to focus this debate a little.

    Right now I've got 4 pedals for my rig:

    Boss Delay, Boss EQ, crybaby Wah, and Ernie Ball Volume

    our singer has been asking me a lot about ditching the pedals for a processor, to clean up my sound a bit (ie kill some of the signal loss by going through pedals)

    I've been checking out the MPX200, the MPX500, and the MPX1... the difference between the 200 and the 500 seem to be that the 500 has a built in compressor, which I don't need, i have a behringer compressor in my effects loop already. The 200 doesn't mention anything about changing EQ levels for effects, so I don't know if this would be worth while for me.

    The MPX1 has EQ effects editing and delay effects, and with their R1 midi controller, things could work out quite nicely... though it's a little expensive (400 on ebay), which makes me wonder if this kind of an investment would REALLY be worth it for me. My sound seems to be fine as is, I'm not sure if upgrading would really be worth it.

    However, I don't know anything about the processor or what it could do, so if it could be the best possible upgrade for me, then I might as well do it.

    It doesn't mention having a distortion anywhere, though, and I wouldn't mind being able to get a nice distortion sound out of a processor. Some people have mentioned the Boss VF-1, which is touted as a guitar processor, and is a half rack which are both cons for me, but would it be worth checking out over the MPX1?

    My current setup (all equipment save for the pedals is in an 8 space rack)

    Eden WT400 preamp -> effects out to Crybaby Wah -> Boss EQ pedal -> Boss Delay pedal -> Volume pedal -> DOD EQ (rackmount) -> Behringer compressor -> effects in on Eden, which then goes to the poweramp to feed my 1X15, and the DI feeds a mackie poweramp to feed a 4X10.
  2. Boss VF-1


    Boss SE 70


    Either works fantastic with a Behringer Compressor.

    Preamp FX Send > IN Composer Channel One OUT >>Boss 1/2 Rack Studio Quality Effects>> IN Composer Channel Two OUT > FX Return...
    ...Midi Controlled with a Behringer FCB-1010...

    Poop, I shouldn't be giving away secrets to the clueless.

    Pardon me, while I burn...

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