LH1000 problem?

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  1. radfonz


    Dec 14, 2013
    I've just bought a second hand Hartke LH1000 amp. I've plugged into my cab(2x15") and it is REALLY quiet and fuzzy. My cab has XLR cable connections and the amp has 1/4" jack. I bought some cables to convert from 1 to the other. The cables seem to get a bit hot too. Do i have to run a special sort or cable or is the amp just not working correctly?
    Any help would be rad.
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    You need to make sure you have speaker cable, sounds like you don't, XLR connectors usually come on signal cable, so if you bought an off the shelf cable with the right ends, high chance the cable itself is wrong.
  3. It's getting hot? Are you using an instrument cable? If it is stop using it, go get a speaker cable, the may look the same but they are not!
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    Does your cabs connection look like the top or bottom pic:



  5. ArtechnikA

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    Feb 24, 2013
    Make sure you are set for Dual Parallel and _not_ bridging.
    Bridging is available _only_ at the Speakon connector.
    What is the impedance and power rating on the cab?
    The make and model would help too, as someone else (not me...) probably has one...

    The LH1000 manual is available online and is pretty helpful about offering setup suggestions...