Life with out concerts

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    Great article.
    Interesting to see things from that perspective.
    It's certainly sobering to think someone like David Crosby admit he's in financial trouble...and while I can see Sammy Hagar's point, I sure don't agree with it.
    He doesn't seem to get that he's putting a lot more than just himself at risk, and while he's every right to expose himself, it's not his right to put others in harm's way.

    Seems rapid testing and a vaccine are what the sensible folks are waiting for.
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    My mindset is kinda like Chrissie Hynde’s as she’s described it.
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  3. The only response I have without delving into a political minefield that will get me in trouble is David Crosby.

    I just don't have sympathy for artists, musicians, actors, or athletes that amass a great fortune and can't seem to find a way to manage it to the point that they are struggling. If I could get my hands on $1 million, far shy of what he must have earned in his career, I could live very happily for a long time.
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    Your self-proclaimed skill of being able to manage a million dollars is of little utility without the complementary skill to 1st amass the million. It is also untested and thus highly theoretical.
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    Out concerts are the best kind!
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    Sammy has restaurants in airports, that's another motive for him to get back to whatever normal will be.
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    John Fogerty:

    The coronavirus is so real and so scary and life-threatening. I haven’t seen yet a solution that will work until we get a vaccine. I guess I’m more patient than some. I keep telling my family, if it was lions and tigers roaming out there, you could see that, so that prepares you psychologically, so you realize you don’t want to go out there and be reckless. All of this opening-up talk is pretty scary to me.

    I looks like John read our Corona thread on TB! :D

    I like him for that! :laugh:

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