Light foldup hand truck

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [DB]' started by Bob Gollihur, Oct 10, 2001.

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    I have a heavy duty handtruck I bought for moving bass crates around, but it's such a big and heavy mother that takes up a lot of room in the van.

    I'd seen those fancy foldup ones for around $100 - visit to see what I mean - I've stolen the image:


    Point is, saw one like it in a Lowes circular and picked one up yesterday for $40. It's not on their web site and was in the aisle, so maybe it's not regular stock, just a special. It looks almost exactly like the one shown above.

    It's got a little cheese factor in the way of plastic, but seems pretty sturdy and well made. I don't know that I'd try to haul 200lbs, which is its package rap rating, but I loaded a couple 60lb PA cabs on it and rolled them around. I think I might make two trips with my EA cabs. Seems like a bargain - just an FYI.
  2. I found my handcart at Staples (or was it CompUSA?)... anyway, it was made to fold up and holds about 150 lbs -- I paid $29 for it. In one trip, I can carry my Ashdown 2x10, my Eden Traveler head, gig bag, and then I sling my Fender over my shoulder.

    The next size up ($49) had soft rubber (inflated) wheels, which would be MUCH better over gravel driveways and such (ahh, the life of a casuals sub).