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  1. Not sure where to put this, it’s a band problem I guess so......

    Lights. How much, how little? I’m a total noob on this.

    I’m looking at an LED Colourstrip up-lighting from the front to help show the band’s faces and a Chauvet 4-Bar lighting down from the back/side to add colour and movement.

    Is that all I need? What about cables, controllers, etc

    We’re a 3 piece classic rock band doing small gigs on small stages at the moment. Current light set-up is white halogen work lights from the hardware store. It looks a bit amateur hour.
  2. Yeah, it depends on how much area you need it to cover, how much you want to spend, do you want the stage to look flat or have dimension, programmed, auto, or manual control, and etc.

    Also, I think the forum to ask on is the Live Sound (BG) forum.

    PS: and don't forget stands too. ;)

  3. I'll head over to live sound.......
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    A little theatrical lighting is nice my friend- We are a 5 piece that plays every weekend and decided to invest in a little lighting.. We bought 2 of the Chauvette 4 par LEDs ..
    Everythings pretty much included with those- you can program or set at random (as we do) has a sensitivity switch on back ( you can run an xlr cable between 2 and they run together in sync)-- We also have a color strip we put behind the drums- but for a three piece like you guys the 4 par at a side and color strip up front might be perfect!
    The color bar also has an auto feature that is sound activated- Have fun my man!!
    I love the lights-adds a lot in some darker bars and looks great live.. Now im on CL looking for cheap used pieces all the time- Just got moonflowers and a jellyfish for about 40$ EACH and 2 panel LEDs from a bar that closed locally.. AND a praise for the 4par lighting leds the Chauvette was knocked down one night at a gig from as tall as it gets (8-9ft) fell flat on its face and still works like a charm! Happy Hunting~
  5. +1. You'll see other lighting threads there, and I think I saw a Chauvet 4-Bar thread or two too. Anyway, good luck.