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lightning bolt

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Mr. voodoobass, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. i went to see them the othernight and man that was impressive!
    for those of u who don´t know they consist of only one drummer and one bassplayer and a wall of sound.
    finally i know what headroom is all about.
    the bassplayer had a stingray through some pedals heavily distortet into a rig consisting of :
    ampeg svt4pro
    hartke 3500
    crown pwramp
    qsc pwramp

    1 4x12
    2 4x10
    3 1x15

    and as i could see it was all maxed out!!!
    this was done in a small club and the volume was just BRUTAL
    but still clear. oh yeah, the drums were not miked but there was no problem hearing him...
    got to get me some pwr amps... :bassist: :)
  2. What? The drummer wasn't miked and the bass player was using 6 full sized cabs?!?!?!?!?!? :eek:

    I don't feel like such a freak anymore for wanting more cabs. :bassist:
  3. yep, they had about 4000w behind ém and the drummer was in the front.
  4. Frank Martin

    Frank Martin Bitten by the luthiery bug...

    Oct 8, 2001
    Budapest, Hungary, EU
    Are you sure it was all cranked?
    Were those cabs so inefficient?
    Were those poweramps so small in output power? (4kW? you gotta be kidding! Would've caused lung embolia to both of them!)
    Were those poweramps seriously underfed (by a weak line signal)?
    Are you sure the drummer was not miked and ran through the same rig?

    i find it hard to believe :eyebrow:
  5. for a while i was standing in front of the drums, he was not miked.
    they were playing on the floor not on stage as the suport acts did(it´s their thing) it was loud loud loud i tell you. the levels on the qsc were both on max the graphic eg on the hartke were all at max and he controlled it all through the svt-4pro.
    in their 2001 tourvideo they state having over 3000w but that was without the qsc (850 or 1500w).
    in that video they perform a song in an apartment, houseparty or something until the cops come and stops it.
    the equipment fills a wall in that room all the way upp to the ceiling.
    its like taking a regular arenarock rig and play with it in a club for
    100-300 people and at full volume.
    u could feel vibrations all over, thought i would get sterile...
  6. I'm going to see them tonight here in Aarhus, DK! Looking foreward to it :D
  7. have fun!
  8. Holy $hit! That was loud! Even though the music was noise-like for a good deal of the time, it was really impressive. The drummer is just insane. No mics, and still plenty loud. The hardest hitting drummer I've ever heard, and he's got great tecnique as well. I think the bassplayer uses guitar strings for the d and g strings. They were surely tuned an octave higher than normal. I saw the band in a very small place that pratically wasn't larger than a ordinary rehearsalroom. Though I wore my 25 db earplugs all the time, my ears are still ringing! Great show :bassist: (not because it was loud, but because these guys creates music I've never heard of before, and did it with style).
  9. Bad Gas

    Bad Gas Guest

    Sep 28, 2004
    Say you are using an SVT4 Pro or any other amp through a power amp... When doing so, you wind up bipassing the power the amp creates itself, right?... I mean you wind up using the preamp and then taking the direct out into a power amp... So if you wanted a nice tube amp sound, but you were using a power amp, the tubes would actually be bipassed... Am I correct in thinking that?
  10. yeah, they are so great!
    sometime a mess of sound but they really could play and i noticed that guitarstring on atleast the G-string.
    check out their website at laserbeast.com

    "badgas" on the svt4 the tubes are in the preamp but i´m not sure what u mean.
  11. MattCrane


    Oct 9, 2004
    k, been to their show last night, had a blast, was stupid enough not to take my digital camera. But here is a comprehensive gear list:

    Brian G:

    Musicman Stingray (3 bass strings, one banjo string) -> Bass Whammy -> Boss OC-2 -> Boss ODB-3 -> Boss SD-1 -> Line 6 DL4 -> Ampeg SVT 4 19" -> Hartke HA2000 -> QSC PLX2402 -> Crown Micro Tech 1200 -> Ampeg 4x10" -> no-name 4x10" -> no-name 1x18" (x2)

    Brian C:

    Junkyard drumkit, telephone receiver mic -> unidentified filter/preamp thingie mounted on the kick drum - Boss SD-1 -> Morley wah - unidentified mixer -> Marshall JCM 900 1960 Lead 4x12" box.

  12. The Mixer is a peavey.
  13. In the SVT4 the preamp's tube, the power amp is solid state, so going from the pre out would still have tubes in the signal path.