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Lightwave & Hipshot 5A bridge: impossible?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by umberto, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. umberto


    Jun 10, 2004
    Hi guys!!!
    Do you think it would be impossible to fit an Hipshot 5A bridge (made in brass) with the latest Lightwave pickup system (S2)?
    And what about the possibility to have 4 or 5 strings fed through the body? :confused:
  2. Baofu


    Mar 8, 2003
  3. umberto


    Jun 10, 2004
    Yeah! Thanks: i know the lightwave web site; neither I don't think it would be possible but; just wanna know if a p.u. technician can arrange it ('cause I'm not sure and think that Hipshot A series is one of the best bridge on sale at the moment).