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  1. I know it's possible for a lightwave pick up eqipped bass to output to something like a V-bass or midi converter via a 13 pin cable, eliminating the need for the various "stick on" pick ups available. Is there much involved in setting this up on such a bass or is this capability built in, if you know what I mean?

  2. i have the Lightwave to 13 pin mod.

    it isn't available yet commercially.

    i'm pushin' them. the board layout is done, just need to run production.

    i'm beta testing this mod for them. the one i have is just a breadboard version.

    works great with my VBass!

  3. Cheers F, keep me informed of the progress, not got me a Lightwave yet, still looking, just thinking ahead and looking at the options!

    Got an e-mail off Lightwave last week with pics of the new basses in production, looking good, may try one of the prototypes that seem to turn up every now and again, it's difficult trying to find someone who'll ship to the Uk though, they're a bit thin on the ground over here!

  4. lbanks


    Jul 17, 2003
    Ennui, IN USA
    Will it work with one of the 'Ebay' Lightwave or just the new system ones?
  5. no problem. i probably gush TOO much about lightwave here. but, as long as there's an audience, i'll keep posting!

    hmm, curious about what pics they sent. not quite in production yet, but very, very soon!

    personally, i'd stay away from those. not BAAAAAAAAAAD, but, why spend $500 (or so) on a proto, when you could wait and get the real deal.

    hehe, EBay Lightwave, what a nightmare that whole sitch is.

    the board WILL work with those, they are system 2. but again, i wouldn't recommend them.

  6. side note: when the new Sabers come out, you WILL be able to easily tell the difference.

    one thing that is being bandied about, is using mahagony as the main body wood.


    and distinctive visually.

    there will be no question about what is what!

  7. Here's two of the pics!


  8. nice!

    i haven't seen those.

    the top one is closest to what the final design will be.

    see my thread in the Luthier's corner for my 3D pics.

  9. rusty


    Mar 29, 2004
    I've only seen the lightwave on a bass that this swedish luthier called Edin Alidzanovic did. [​IMG]
    Couldn't find more pics of the bass...

    Someone pls enlighten me on the qualities of lightwave :) I've yet to understand what it's about...
  10. hmm.

    its a different sound.

    not meant to replace mags, just add to the arsenal.

    i have fretless and fretted lightwave basses.

    my zon LW fretless 5 drives my VBass.

    i have some clips off line that i could post again.

  11. smperry

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    Nov 3, 2003
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    These are two examples of the new lightwaves that were emailed to me a week or so ago. I'm not a fan of the new Classica shape, but the Sabre looks nice!

  12. those are NOT NOT NOT the new Lightwave Sabers that will be produced by Lightwave Systems.

    those are being made by Lightwave Music.

    i can't go into the actualities, but, i wouldn't touch those. even though they look nice, they can't support them as well as LWS.

    the brains behind LW are in Carpintera, CA.


    here's how the final A model will look. one thing to look for is the how the neck heel mates with the body. the NON-Official models have the arc. the official Sabers will have a straight heel.


  13. smperry

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    Nov 3, 2003
    Bay Area, CA
    Endorsing Artist: Martin Keith Guitars
    So, is it fair to say that the ones both sshorepunk and I posted will be "like the Ebay ones"? They sound better on paper, but you've scared me off.

    What is the website for Lightwave Systems (since I've been looking at Lightwave music ones)?

    The LW Music ones have a ten-day trial period and a 1 year warranty ( :meh: ), but sounds like that's not worth pursuing.

  14. lbanks


    Jul 17, 2003
    Ennui, IN USA
    Ok, now I confused....:confused:
    How about a URL's to LWS.
  15. they MAY be better than the EBay ones. then again, maybe not.

    the Classica that was posted looks even worse than the original Classica (which wasn't a LWS idea anyway).

    they probably aren't BAD, but i'd be leary of a warrenty that isn't offered by Lightwave SYSTEMS.

    if Lightwave Music goes under , how will you get support for that 1 year warranty?

    Lightwave Systems has some really great folk working there, and they would support the pickups (probably) but, i'm not sure how they'd handle the full guitar.

    the new Sabers have a lot of design updates that put it well above the "prototypes" that are floating around.

    the new production run will happen this year.

    you'll definitely hear about it from me.

  16. the Lightwave Systems web site:

    the site hasn't been updated recently to include info about the new Sabers.

    in time, in time.

  17. wwittman


    Apr 21, 2004
    Westchester, NY
    I'll admit it, i have olne of the "ebay" lightwaves..
    so enlighten me (no pun).. weren't these made by Lightwave??

    I bought it with the intention of having the 13 pin option retrofitted for use with the V Bass but they don't seem to be anywherte close to offering it.
    so frankly I am looking to sell it.

    Should I wait?
    What IS "wrong" with these 'ebay' basses... other than their lower price (from Lightwave's perspective).?
    are not these the same Sabres they were selling on their website for 2000?
  18. The pictures I posted were from Lightwave Music! It seems odd that two companys are set up with a similar if not the same name and using the same logo?
    Strange situation?

  19. those are pre-production units.

    Lightwave Music, from what i understand, was setup to assemble and distribute the Saber line.

    beyone that, i can't comment.

    for my OPINION, contact me via PM.

    all System 2 Lightwave basses are 13pin capable.

    the 13pin/GK/VBass modification is ready to run design-wise, its just that the trigger hasn't been pulled for production yet.

    the new Sabers from LWS will push the intro of this board into the foreground.