Lightweight amp with tube preamp and BiAmp

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  1. I'm looking for a recommendation for a lightweight amp with tube preamp and BiAmp output - around 200W per channel will do. It also needs to have a DI XLR with ground lift.

    Of course the price is an important factor, too.

    I currently have a Hartke 7000 (350W x 2, graphic EQ, tube and solid state preamps, DI with ground lift). I like the sound, but the damn thing is just too heavy. It must weigh 40# or so. I run it thru an Acme low B-2W for the lows, and crossover at 450HZ to an Eden CXM-110 for the highs. I DI into the house mix, and I have my volume on "1" just to hear myself on stage.

    I currently have my eye on a used SWR SM-400S (250W x 2, paragraphic EQ, tube preamp, DI with ground lift and level control), weighing in at about 20#.

    Opinions would be helpful - thanks!

    --joe, bass,
  2. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    that would be my recommendation (the SWR)
  3. I got the SWR SM-400S. Paid $450 on eBay (buy-it-now). I installed a Sylvania 5751 black-plate (also from eBay). I absolutely love it!

    Thanks, Jason, for the reply.