Lightweight cabs all just seem to crank low mids. Do any produce proper low end?

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  1. I'm an obvious bass cabinet disaster. I use great basses, I have a great amp (GBE1200) and I just can't settle on cabs. The only cab I truly love is the EA wizzy 1x12 - which will be my small gig cabinet forever.

    I've also used a schroeder mini 12, a GK 4x10, an SWR 2x10 and most recently, an EA NM410. The EA was far and away the best - but ALL of these cabs seem to crank low mids to compensate for a lack of bottom end. (Well - I'll exclude the GK because it lacked everything :D ) I just can't do 4x10s. The EA was a beautiful cab but it's just not my tone.

    It's time for me to get serious on cabs. I want a single 4ohm, mid-size/large cab that has clarity AND bottom end. It would be nice if it didn't weigh 400lbs. I'm thinking Bergantino 2x15 or a Tec Amp 2x12 or a Glockenklang 2x12 or a Genz Benz 2x12. I know that the Berg is heavish but I'm starting to doubt lightweight cab tones. Are they just the fashion nowadays? Do any really cut it or is it a low end mirage? ;)

    Thoughts? Recommendations?
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    I know of a few that do! ;)

    It isn't impossible to get proper low end from a lightweight cab but it is impossible to get proper low end from a small yet sensitive cab - you have to find a way of making a larger cab light enough and then matching up the right speaker.

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    Weight doesn't make much difference. Size, however, does matter. To go low and loud you must go big.
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    I had a Markbass Mini CMD121P for a few months and thought it cut the low end very well for a small cab, but you're not going to get the depth of low end like a big cab, and that's why I ultimately went to a 15" in a bigger cab for all but the toughest of load-ins.
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    Try Avatar cabs. I was playing an Ampeg SVT 4pro thru ampeg 1X15 and 2X10 and replaced it with the Avatar 4X10. At 65 lbs its extremely light and provides as much bottom as the ampeg cabs and is much tighter and punchier in the mids.
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    Some of the issue could be the preamp voicing in your GBE1200. Check out the review in Bass Gear Mag--the bench testing indicates that the GBE1200 preamp "set flat" rolls off the bass below 100 Hz and emphasizes mids above 1000 Hz quite dramatically (see the graphs on p.71). Of course the preamp voicing can be overcome with equalization but if you just set the amp flat, then any cabinet will sound like what you've described for the lightweight cabinets.
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    2 WIZZIES sound way more then twice as good as one. I have 2 and use an Iamp800. Two will give you alot more beef.
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    The 2460 Neo I have certainly has a good bottom end and gets loud enough for most gigging situations.
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    If you like the Wizzy but want more real low end, then I would serioulsy consider a stack of Wizzy-MLines which will cover even the big gigs. The're a slightly bigger box to the standard Wizzy and have a bigger sound overall and deeper and bigger response in the lows.

    Another good stack of 12's with a huge and true response in the lows is a stack of the new ER Bergantino 12" cabs. They sound amazing for their size. The Glock double 2x12 is also very good in the lows and really well balanced cab tonally. I've auditioned all these cabs at BGD and was very impressed with all of them.