Lightweight Rig

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    May 29, 2005
    I'm cranky in my old age.
    I know I have pestered you guys to death with all the fuss about the Crest CA9.

    Anyhow I am now turning my sites towards a Lightweight Rig for the times that that would be more suitable.

    I was looking at a Shcroeder 1212R cab I believe it is and it looks to be around 50 pounds or so which is light for me. I was thinking I could easily pair this Cab with my Goliath in my big rig as well as use it for a small rig.

    Anywho trying to figure out what to power it with. Was thinking of either an all in one unit or picking up a 1RU Preamp to go with my Yamaha P5000S.

    I was even looking into the LMII but not sure if that would be enough arse for my taste. I do like things loud.

    What do you guys run with a 1212R for an easy load in load out that is Loud?