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like, 3 bands O.o

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by xxDavidxx, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. xxDavidxx

    xxDavidxx Guest

    Aug 16, 2008
    Leiden, Netherlands
    i'm in a bit of a situation here. basically, 3 bands need me right now. and how much i'd love to play in all of them, practising 4 or 5 times a week, doing sports, doing the highest form of middle school possible and having quite a social life just doesn't work. and i can't pick. it's so impossible. all those thoughts of ''what if i leave this band and they get like uber-famous without me''. so irritating . ah, well...at least i got you guys to help me choose ;) here comes the story:

    band#1:afterbreakdown (punk/rock)

    this band i co-founded with the lead gui**** and the singer(female)/rhythm gui****. i actually brought a drummer in a few days ago, with whom we have yet to practise. every song of this band is built up from the start with my help, the songs are part of me in a way...but it's too easy. it's just too easy. they won't let me play bass solos, and the gui****s' play just doesn't give me motivation to look up my limits. also, it's an hours drive to the practise thingy, and we only got like, 3 songs, which are so easy i get bored to death.

    band#2 voice without subject (metalcore/punk)

    i've only jammed once with the lead gui**** of this band, and it was kinda awesome ;) we have like 70% the same taste in music, and both really want to look up our limits, saying in speed and tecniques of making music. but i'm just not sure about this, mainly because they don't have drummer, and don't really show motivation to really start off with makung songs and stuff

    band#3: yet unnamed(that's not the name, we just dont have one)(i was thinking about the name social deathwish, what do y'all think?). this is a tough one to tell the story about. i've only met the lead singer, but i like him so much, and we have like 99% the same music taste (as in, we can bothe enjoy slipknot, green day, bullet for my valentine and a load other different stuff) and the same motivation, and i'm told the other potential members have the same motivation. we really want to start off as a band, begin with a little punk-like stuff, and evolve into our own thing, our own way of music making. i don't really know how to discribe it, but i just have really good feeling with this band..

    i really don't know what to pick...help?
  2. I noticed the first thing you mentioned in each of the bands was "musical taste".

    I can't tell you how to pick, but one thing I've learned over the years is that bands seem to go well or not so well based on things other than musical taste. Mostly, it's personal interactions; you can get by and/or compromise on "musical taste".

    Just something to think about. :)
  3. WickedPissah


    Jan 22, 2008
    You know the rule (or maybe you don't :atoz:). No pics, no female singer/rhythm gui****.
  4. Stumbo

    Stumbo Wherever you go, there you are. Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 11, 2008
    Song Surgeon slow downer. https://tinyurl.com/y5dcuqjg
    That's life. Getting uber-famous is like winning the lotto. I don't think that even putting this into the equation will serve you well.

    Looks like all the bands are in the beginning stages.

    Band #1 - 3 songs and 1 hour drive to practice. You're bored.
    Band #2 - jammed once with guitar player, no drummer
    Band #3 - No jamming yet. Potential band, you get along with lead singer. All potential member are reputed to have same motivation.

    I don't thing 1 or 2 would miss you. If you can get 3 going with a full lineup of musicians (guitar, drums, vocals, bass). Then I would think about dropping 1 & 2.
  5. This isn't as tough as you make it sound. You just pick 1 (or 2 if you have enough time) bands and don't look back (but also don't burn your bridges). The odds of any of these bands becoming "uber-famous" with or without you are pretty low. That's not to say it won't happen and you can't influence the odds, but you gotta face facts here: it's not likely.

    It's also a matter of your goals: Are you in a band to have fun, to make money, to get really good, or to become famous? Which of these bands is most likely to help you reach these goals?

    You've got ties to band 1 already. Have you talked to them about your problems with the band? I think that's at least worth a try, but if things continue down the road they've been going, then I think it's fair to be done with them. Especially with the 1 hour drive; that's rough.

    Band 2 probably won't be that great long term if the members aren't motivated.

    Band 3 is sort of an unknown quantity. Look into it more before committing.
  6. HomeBrewTJ


    May 16, 2004
    Lafayette, IN
    You're 15, who cares.
  7. DudeistMonk


    Apr 13, 2008
    Newark, NJ

    Jam with everyone together from #3, if you like it then go there, #2 you'll sit around waiting for a drummer and #1 your bored of and three punk songs aren't going to take them to stardom...in fact I'll bet you a years salary none of them will be going beyond a few BOTBs some open mics and a HS charity show. Play what you enjoy because you enjoy it not cause it will make to famous.
  8. xxDavidxx

    xxDavidxx Guest

    Aug 16, 2008
    Leiden, Netherlands

    pictures, so it did happen :p

    and i myself am really going for #3 i guess...
  9. BillyRay

    BillyRay Supporting Member

    Jan 20, 2008
    You ain't gonna make it big kiddo. I hate to sound like someone's old toothless, frustrated grandad but it's probably true: the music scene is saturated with metalcore, post-punk, left-handed punk, pee while standing punk, etc. and it's not the 70's anymore. Record contracts don't mean anything and touring, especially when you're a minor, consist of driving 3 hours to play at two Farmers Market over the weekend.

    This doesn't mean that music can't be fun and that you can't make money with it, but basing your band choice/affiliation over "potential success" is the worse criteria you could've picked. Choose the band with the musicians who have their act togheter the best, who practice, sound good and with whom you have a great time. These are the guys that will grow musically and with whom you'll be able to form a cohesive, powerul unit.

    A full band line-up also trumps friendship. Nobody gigs with guitars and bass in the genres you mentionned, you need skins.

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