SOLD Like new set of EMG PJCS pickups

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    EMG PJCS set in like new condition. These are really nice pickups with ceramic and steel magnets that sound much more warm & traditional than standard EMGs. I have the JCS set in my jazz bass.
    The set comes with quick disconnect wiring and no soldering is needed. Everything that comes with the PJCS set new is included in the original packaging. The pots are Volume/Volume/Tone and all have solid shafts. Also included are the battery harness, pickup screws, connection buss, and output jack. Everything just plugs in.
    I installed these in my PJ bass for a week and decided that a PJ isn't the sound I'm after so I put the original electronics back in to sell the bass.

    $115 paypal shipped to the lower 48 US
    (save $65 off of the new price!)
    Will trade for a good passive P bass pickup of roughly the same value
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