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  1. I had a discussion with a few of my friends at school the other day about bands that pretty much everyone likes no matter who they are.

    Some examples being AC DC, Kiss, Green Day, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N Roses, Metallica etc etc.

    Am I right in saying that nearly everyone likes a few songs by these bands (And others)? I'm talking about people of all ages and all backgrounds, they just love these bands.

    Of course there are going to be people out there that simply can't stand these bands but they seem to be the minority here...

    So what other bands are out there that all around, people just like? And what makes them so likeable in the first place?
  2. i dont like ac dc, kiss, and im not too huge on guns and roses either

    i guess not ahha
  3. Don't confuse likability with being crammed down our throats by the media. Magazines, record labels and radio stations pretty much dictate to a 'T' what will be "liked" by the listeners. While the bands you listed may not have begun as such, they devolved into nothing more than commodities by those in power to fatten their wallets.

    "Platinum don't mean that it's gotta be hot, I ain't gotta love it even if they play it a lot."

    -Dead Prez
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    Jan 13, 2008
    The only band I can think of that EVERYONE likes is Journey.. maybe the Eagles as well... Past that there`s always someone who`ll think this or that band sucks for whatever reason.

    I`m also surprised that you mentioned Green Day considering no one in my middle school and high school liked them except for emo girls.
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    My parents would probably disagree with the Green Day and RHCP... maybe the AC DC. I know my dad at least appreciates the others, as his first concert was KISS, and my mom likes Guns n' Roses and Metallica's Black Album.

    I'd say The Beatles are fairly universally liked.
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    I have no use for AC/DC nor for Kiss (other than Malcom Young being a REAL rhythym guitarist). Metallica and Green Day are mostly names I've heard. There was that that one GD acoustic based song that was on the radio a few years ago that I remember, and I recall hearing a Kirk Hammet solo from the neighbor kid's window a decade or more ago and liking the solo, but then the singing started and it was more annoying growling. The only thing that attracted me to G'n'R was Slash's sound, and I kinda liked "Sweet Child of Mine" until Axl starts his finger-nails-on-the-chalkboard whining.

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    I would say the closest to universally liked is Johnny Cash. Folsom Prison Blues seems to work in almost any context.
  8. Eveyone loves Mekong Delta!
  9. i don't really like any of those bands, although i do like a few of each of their songs (except ac dc, which i'd rather eat my own poo than listen to), so you have a point there

    hmm, but i dunno, there's always going to be a group of people who don't like certain other bands or even styles of music. others still who will say they don't like a given band/style, but haven't really given it a chance. like this guy at work who said he didn't like the beatles.. then i played a bunch of beatles for him (repeatedly... we worked a night shift together) and it grew on him.

    i would say though, in general, that music by anyone famous that is now dead is "liked" by everyone. be it the doors, johnny cash, queen, and of course MJ. people these days are waaay to pc to say that they don't like a dead persons... anything !
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    I can take or leave GnR, Kiss (except Beth) AC/DC were fun in small doses, 'course I'm an old fart. But I think I know what you are saying. Bands like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Doors, CCR, and to bring it forward in to "modern history" Dire Straits, Metalica, Green Day, et al. What these guys have done is embed themselves in to the "popular" psychie. In other words, they have become "classics" That also explains their longivity; their demand on poplular raido, concerts etc...

    They are reachable. You don't have to have a doctorate in music to understand them. You don't have to get to "deep" to like their music. They appeal to the "every man" the collective consciousness of a generation.

    That doesn't mean their music is shallow, or has no value. It means that they were able to write things that were universal.
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    Dec 2, 2007
    I know dozens of people who can't stand RHCP, Gn'R or Metallica, including me. I for one, find RHCP to have the most annoying vocals of any band of any genre...and I don't understand how anyone can listen to them.