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Limelight - Very Different!

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by The Big Chief, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. The Big Chief

    The Big Chief

    Jan 14, 2009
    Just came across this interesting cover of Limelight.
    I think I really like it!
  2. The Big Chief

    The Big Chief

    Jan 14, 2009
  3. smeet

    smeet Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2006
    Woodland Hills, CA
    I like it too.
  4. Excellent! Very well done cover. Different, yet keeps the spirit of Rush all the way through. I'm sure the boys would approve. :)
  5. rocmonster


    Oct 31, 2011
    I like this very much. My one wish is to get together with my old band buddies and play a show of re-imagined versions of our favorite songs that sound as inventive and enjoyable as this.
  6. Basshappi


    Feb 12, 2007
    Wow, that was very good! Bravo!
  7. Lowtonejoe

    Lowtonejoe Supporting Member

    Jul 3, 2004
    Pasco, WA


  8. AaronVonRock


    Feb 22, 2013
    Meh. Kind of drags. Reminds me of the "coffeehouse covers" that are popular now.

    Sounds like "Cold Gin" by KISS when the main guitar riff kicks in at :37.
  9. TheEmptyCell

    TheEmptyCell Bearded Dingwall Enthusiast Banned

    I don't really care for this style of pop rock, so I can't say I was all that impressed. But clearly I'm in the minority here.
  10. I didn't care for it either. Sounded like something off of American Idol.
  11. charlie monroe

    charlie monroe Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    Meh. Too dumbed down. Rush for non music lovers...

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