Limp Bizkit's "nookie" video

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  1. i was watching Limp Bizkit's "nookie" video the other day and i got to thinking if i was seeing things or not. cause it looked as if Wes Borland was playing a bass, and there bassist Sam Rivers was playing guitar. well it was hard to tell cause there weren't too many shots of Wes and Sam that were slow enough to tell. hopefully someone could help me out, so i don't have to make an eye appointment.
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    Well, I belive Wes was playing his baritone guitar, only 4 strings, and the bassist was playing a 5 string,,,,
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    Yeah, its a 4 string baritone guitar. If you notice, the scale is a lot smaller than a regular bass.
  4. i downloaded the video and the slower i play it, i can tell Wes is playing a baritone guitar. Also slowed down its easier to make out that Sam is playing a 5er.
  5. Sam was playing an Ibanez BTB1005.. he used to be an ibanez endorser.. When I saw the Nookie video, it was the first time I saw a BTB.
  6. Doesw it really matter since it's just Bimp Lizkit???? :D
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    For the longest time I thought Wes borland was the bassist, I never cared to pay much attention to the band, but Catching a couple videos the thing that did stand out was that he was playing a 4 stringed isntrument.
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