SOLD Lindy Fralin Jazz Bass Pick Up Set

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  1. A nice set of single coil Fralin jazz bass pickups. Raised A and D poles. These have been installed but haven't seen too much use. Some very mild tarnish on poles of the neck p'up. Plenty of wire for installation. It turns out I'm not a jazz bass guy, so selling my jazz stuff. :)

    $130 shipped ConUs ---> Price drop to $120 shipped ConUs


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  2. Wow. How do you send a PM now? Lol.
  3. Hm, no clue and no pms received :thumbsdown:

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    You click on the nickname that you want to communicate with and a window will popup and then click on start a conversation and voilà...
  5. Awesome. And price drop to $120!
  6. Sold Locally..