SOLD Lindy Fralin Precision Pickup

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  1. Killens84

    Killens84 Supporting Member

    Sep 3, 2008
    Lindy Fralin Precision Bass pickup.
    4-string, standard wind.
    Excellent condition, works perfectly. Purchased brand new last year.
    $105, shipped anywhere in CONUS.
    4B386741-E242-4A8D-B82F-06582BB835B3.jpeg 721F1974-B1A2-4608-B99C-47574C8013CB.jpeg 84F1E937-05AB-419B-80F1-7A5CB998BCF8.jpeg 87C4C75B-93CE-441F-BF05-CA65444E3D76.jpeg 105DCCC2-7847-4EBA-86C2-B5F2F7427907.jpeg
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  2. 31HZ

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    Feb 26, 2006
    Central VA, USA
    Great pickups with tons of authentic vibe and grunt. I have those in my Seuferling P-bass. We could have put anything in that bass; we chose Fralins.
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