line 6 300watt 1x15 w/ horn

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  1. first, i did a search and could not find any discussion about this amp. i tried many setups today, in search for the 'right amp' for me. oh i tried the backline stuff, and some GK stuff, some 4x10 cabs,. 2x15cab and even combined 4x10w1x15 variating the pwer head from just about everything in the store. i was just about to give up, when i saw this 'line 6" 150w with a single 15. man, this amp will make ya cream..
    very deep, tons of effects and presets. but the volume coming out of that 150 was amazing! i mean, c'mon, its so tiny...... and just wait, they have a 300w coming, i cant wait!
    so... i would like any comments on the 150 or the 300.. anyone tried it?? i want to use it for just about any show we come across. i think it will be loud enough, and light enough, and definitely cheap enough. the 300 list for only $599. thought??
  2. I bought the 150 model for the school this fall. I was wanting a different amp and my local dealer couldn't get it so I had to settle for this one. After using it outside at football games with the marching band I can honestly say that it IS plenty loud. It has a ton of usable tones and some neat effects. I don't think you can hook up an extension cab to it though. All in all it's a really nice amp at a good price.
  3. I bought the LowDown LD150 a few months ago and loved the tone and flexability of it. But I found it to be a bit under powered when playing small gigs. It needed PA support via its DI output.

    Took it to the studio and got some great results with it. Ultimately I took it back within the first 30 days of owning it and upgraded to the LowDown LD300 Pro. It's been great especially the chorus effect when needed.

  4. i have the ld 150 and it's a great little amp...i'm actually selling it right now for $300 if you want to buy it.
  5. thanks. i did notice that the 150 was noisy, in the store. is that normal? or was it just the situation, and soes the 300 have that problem?
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    I tried the 300, it sounded fine but it was extremely clunky to carry. It was a real knee banger. Instead I went with the Ashdown Mag300 with 1x15. Lots cheaper for the same power and it sounds better IMO.

  7. the noise could be the pickups on the guitar too because mine is only noisy when i switch to the bridge pickup only on my jazz bass...otherwise it is not noisy at all
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