Line 6, Ampeg, Who will Yamaha buy next??

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  1. Yamaha is kind a wading into new waters acquiring Line 6 and Ampeg, they've always in the past made their own stuff..So I'm thinking is this it? Or do they have one more company in mind.. hmm. I wonder.....maybe Gibson?
  2. JimmyM

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    The division of Yamaha that bought Ampeg is headed by the founder of Line 6, it's called Yamaha Guitar Group, and it seems to operate under different principles than the rest of Yamaha. Beyond that, I really couldn't tell you anything about them or who they might acquire in the future. But I think it's a very good move for Yamaha to have companies that aren't necessarily named Yamaha, especially where amps are concerned, as amps are the one thing out of the millions of products that Yamaha hasn't quite nailed. They had a few good moments over the years with amps, but none of them have really caught on.
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  3. Linnin


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    ^^^Agree^^^ Gibson is low hanging fruit and a plum ripe for the picking. Epiphone sales are the only reason Gibson is still afloat.
  4. beans-on-toast


    Aug 7, 2008
    Yamaha makes some outstanding instruments. Gibson might be attractive in terms of price but I don’t see that having them makes business sense.

    Down the road, they might be interested in Mesa Engineering.
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    Doubtful as the bankruptcy protection they're under will allow them to sell the Stanton group (KRK, Cerwin Vega, Stanton DJ), as well as Onyko, Teac & Phillips while continuing to sell Les Paul's, SG's and container loads of Epiphones.
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    May 21, 2008
    I predict Gibson and Musicman, following the Marshall......

    Just kidding
  7. Most people don’t know that Yamaha is one of the oldest music companies on the planet..they started making organs and pianos.
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  8. For ES-335 lovers the Yamaha copies are really good. SA series. They also make really good drums and their professional saxophones are really good. This is coming from a me who owns French Selmer products. The list goes on and on. This is really good for Ampeg lovers.
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    Or really bad. Cause sometimes company's are bought for the name.

    Then successfully buried into the ground.
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    Lol :)

    Just matter of time

    If I bought Mesa I would continue selling their best selling products = T Shirts
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    That would be a really stupid move for Yamaha to buy Ampeg and then bury it considering that they don't have much in the way of amps except for Line 6. Who by the way, have not been buried.
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    I agree it would be a stupid move.

    But line 6 and Yamaha don't have much to offer except modeling amplifiers.

    So the more I think about it. I'm kinda biting my nails.
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  13. Basshappi


    Feb 12, 2007
    I imagine that Yamaha will make Ampeg their flagship amp line, certainly for bass but possibly even guitar.
    If they really play their cards right they could leverage this into some serious competition against Fender on the guitar amp side.
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    Ampeg used to be right up there with all of them, too. Fender and Marshall sold more guitar amps but Ampeg had a solid following and quite a few superstar users. Then Magnavox sold it to MTI and the guy in charge of MTI ruined it by discontinuing everything but the SVT, and the new guitar amps he brought out after he got the SVT rolling sucked. And they never got that market back. Personally, I think the vibrato circuit in 60's Ampeg amps was the bomb. I like it better than the Fender. I don't like the Ampeg overall guitar amp sound better than Fender or Marshall, but I like it as much because it's got a unique character that I don't hear in Marshalls or Fenders.

    That said, give me any guitar amp and any guitar and I'll find a way to make it sound really average :D
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    Jan 21, 2016
    BTW: Bogey, I wish you the best on your upcoming surgery.
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    The old Reverborockets were da bomb indeed.
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    I would totally buy a CIJ '62RI SG Standard and CIJ '70RI EB-3SH both in ambered Pelham Blue with baked and rosewood-stained maple boards.

    I can't speak for the rest of the market, but cutting Gibson USA down to acoustics, repairs, electronics, and custom shop while letting Yamaha take over common solid body and semi-hollow production would be pretty great all around except for ~2/3 of Gibson's current workforce.
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    Surgery, eh? Well please allow me to add my name onto the best wishes list, too.
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    The newer ones are actually pretty cool sounding too, my neighbor rocks one.
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    Sadly the cause of this very, very rare condition is unknown and the surgery is highly experimental. But I heard they will attempt to remove the stick he has up his ass about Mesa and their Engineering team. I hope it goes well.