SOLD Line 6 Bass POD XT

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  1. 3rdBass

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    Always wanted to try a Line 6 product and this FX Pod showed up on the Facebook Marketplace recently.
    It definitely didn't disappoint in the least, but I'm more of a separate FX pedalboard player in live performance.

    Has dozens of amp/cab simulations, distortions/overdrives, compression, reverbs, echos, chorus/ flangers and many more effects that can be combined and stored for both live or studio use. Very user friendly and functionally perfect.

    They're still selling for $70 at Music Go Round (ugh) and up to $150 in Guitar Centers, plus shipping and the hassle and embarrassment of dealing with them.

    Includes the Line 6 power supply, USB cable & owner's manual for a fair & firm price of $75.
    Discounted shipping will be on my company's FedEx corporate account (probably only about $15).

    PayPal's OK but please, NO LOW-BALL OFFERS and NO TRADES.



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    Nov 26, 2014
    Tacoma, WA
    PM sent.
  3. 3rdBass

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    And 6 hours later ... SOLD !