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  1. Hey,
    Well, just checked the entry requirements for the Academy of Contemporary Music (, and they say that "For bass players a Line 6 BOD would be desireable", or words to that effect.

    To cut a long story short:

    I'm confused.

    Our lead guitarist has a Line 6 POD, but what the funk are they? He suggested asking on here 'cos he knows all about his but isn't sure about the bass one. Where can I have a look at one on the net? What do they actually do?

    Thanks very much for any help,

  2. Im a sock

    Im a sock

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    Thats the bass POD, not BOD. Essentially, the Bass POD is an amp & cab modeller with various effects built into it.

    I've tried one a couple times... it's a neat tool to have around. Around here though, there have been some pretty heated debates about the POD. Run the search function and you'll find a whole host of stuff about it.

    also, check here:
  3. That's a pretty cool tool - thanks for the info! Might have to get me one of them...our guitarist swears by his - although not for live stage performances 'cos it sounds to "sterile" - and seeing as the Institutes and Academies I wanna try and get in suggest it, it seems to be quite a good option...

    So yeah, thanks for the link (Y)