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Line 6 DL4 patches

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by MKS, May 16, 2002.

  1. Thought it might be a nice idea to share DL4 "patches" that make sounds that you don't get "out of the box".

    Just in case anyone has thrown away their manual, you can store effects patches by clicking and holding down any one of the three left hand switches on the box (i.e. not the delay speed, tap tempo switch).

    DL4 effects:
    Chorus: Digital Delay w/ Mod. Delay Time=0, Repeats=Depth of chorus (try about 12 O'Clock), Tweak = 11 O'Clock, Tweez=1 O'Clock, Mix=obvious, but more extreme values give more chorus.

    Flanger/Auto-wah: Sweep Echo. Delay Time=0, Repeats=0 (watch this carefully in Sweep Echo, you can easily get horrendous feedback if Delay Time=0!), Tweak = 11 O'Clock (or less for a more gradual sweep), Tweez=12 O'Clock. Mix about 3 O'Clock. Playing with short notes gives an Auto-wah effect, where each time you pluck the note the envelope is at a different stage, and you don't get to hear the sweep across the note, since it's short.

    Simulated "Lesley Cabinet": Sweep Echo. Delay Time=0, Repeats=0, Tweak = 2 O'Clock (or less for a more gradual sweep), Tweez=10 O'Clock. Mix about 3 O'Clock. Adding a tiny bit of delay to this might spice things up.

    Reverb: Digital Delay. Delay=miniscule, Repeats=depth of reverb (values above about 1 O'Clock lead to feedback artefacts though), Tweak and Tweez=bass, treble in the "reflection". Mixed appropriately this gives some impression of reverb. A very dry reverb though.

    E-bow simulator: AutoVolume echo with really subtle repeats, medium onset on no modulation (Tweak=0, Tweez=2 O'Clock). No mix of the original sound whatsoever. If you turn up the repeats with the delay fairly low, you can play really sweet lines where the notes melt into each other.

    For some Steve Reich minimalist madness: Digital delay, delay quite long (about 1 or 2 O'Clock), repeats quite long (3 O'Clock +). Pluck chords repeatedly on eighth notes (quavers) or quarters, but do go with the rhythm of the delay then when you change chord, the existing chord lingers on repeating for a while (because repeats is high) and you can subtly change bass notes, harmony, add notes etc. The most important thing is to keep plucking at the same speed as the delay. To be really adventurous, try plucking across the delay to get weird polyrhythms... Max???

    I do have a patch somewhere that sounds dead like the old "blu-tac on strings" effect. Weird harmonics. I'll dig it out...

  2. I have something to add to that list, showing what else it can do, the revers delay works great as a ring mod sim. Set the delay time really low and it gets a ringmod like noise no matter how you set the other controls.
  3. maxvalentino

    maxvalentino Endorsing Artist Godin Guitars/ Thomastik-Infeld

    Funny you should mention it.....
    I have been, since SteveL brought it up, working on several Reich-ian pieces using both my DL4 and my TC M-One delays(which I think are 5.6 sec)....and just for good measure, using my JamMan in 32sec delay mode....and setting up various polyrhythms by using delay times extrapolated from the basic rhythm/tempo of the piece. With multiple delays, all set with various tap tempo footswitches, things can get pretty wild! And, yes then I alter the rhythm and play across the delay times. The M-One also allows for detuning of the delay signal only...which makes for a very cool effect.
    There is a mathematical formula for extracting 1/4;1/8;1/16; 1/8 or 1/16 triplets etc from a delay based upon the bpm of a piece. Using this theory you can easily set up compound rhythms, and having the very long delay times, with controllable feedback, in the JamMan allows for some very evolving type of polyrhymical loopage.
    ...and it sonds really cool with alligator clips!
  4. Bigfeet - That was the one I was thinking of. It's not terribly practical playing live, but rather a funky sound. It's almost impossible to tell what tone is going to happen... :p

    Any more for any more???
  5. lowb


    Jul 27, 2000
    London, UK
    Nice one guys, i'll definitely be trying some of those out :)

  6. Bumping this from way back...

    Message for Max Valentino : do you have any fruits of the Steve Reich style work to share?
  7. Anniversary bump for this one! YAY!!

    Here are some sound files to go with the effects described above:
    Chorus effect, two variations on the sweep echo - one which borders on complete feedback (details below), and an auto-volume one which is kind of like a e-bow. I've also included a dub line using the sweep echo patch.

    The extreme sweep echo has settings:
    Delay about 10 o'clock
    Repeats just less than 3 o'clock - careful here. Low values of delay with big values of repeats can be harmful to your speakers!
    Tweek about 10 o'clock
    Tweez full on.

    The trick is to get the delay and repeats set to just about feedback and go mad. Then the volume that you play chords, notes etc. gives varying amounts of feedback. Coo-el! :bassist:
  8. Creep


    Mar 12, 2004
    Great post guys....my two cents is try adding a bass wah with some of the DL4 settings, you get some really cool ambient type sounds...peace
  9. thrash_jazz


    Jan 11, 2002
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Artist: JAF Basses, Circle K Strings
    This isn't really a patch, but a way to get some interesting sounds is to set Repeats at around 3 o'clock, play a long note, and quickly spin the Delay Time knob while the note is still ringing. If it starts to feed back, lower the amount of repeats.

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