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Line 6 FM-4 Filter Mod

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by parrott, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. Whats everyones opinion on this? Is it worth the money?

    I was playing with one in a music shop last week, I got some really cool "wet" but clean sounds out of it.

    It was not so good on the squelchy type of filter sounds, but I think at the moment it's the clean ones I want......

    What other pedals do those cleaner sounds? Anyone got any opinions on this pedal?

    (I know Mad Sub has one... or had:confused: ? )
  2. I still do have one but honestly haven't taken the time to dig that deep into it. I find that my original 'Tron III and DOD FX25 cover most of what i'd ever want from a filter but the FM4 will allow you to manipulate any of the parameters with a footpedal which is damn handy IMO. The lack of a level control is a big oversight but generaly i find the Mutron settings to be pretty good. the "squelchy" tones are in there for me, no problem. the "blend" knob is handy for cleaning up your sound?
    Digital is creepy and I would never gig w/o a true analog filter but the FM4 is worth checking out I'd say. get a used one because for the amount of $$$ you'd spend on a new box you could be scoring a really great analog one. Mine was a score at around $100 US. I wouldn't go out of my way to get one new.
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    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    I bought one but got rid of it.
    Excellent construction, nice concept, great models.
    Filters are incredible. Really accurate.

    I mostly bought it for synth sounds, and they reveal impossible to use in a practical context.
    It lacks fine setting of in and out sensibility, and tracking is terrible.

    I switched to an AKAI Deep Impact and I'm much happier with it.

    If you're after wicked filters, go for it.
  4. Uh, yeah; the synth sounds aren't that practical for bass guitar. the Mutron filters are the only thing I can justify using it for. I like that it can be a multi-functional 'Tron with the f/c and all but that's about the only thing I dig it for. Not really a keeper for me.....cool construction tho'!

    Mutron III sample; http://www.line6.com/mp3s/FM4/TronUpDown.mp3
  5. I have one of them, my wanting for synth sounds is more than satisfied.

    I was wondering about the FM4 because when I tried one, the "Spin Cycle" and "Comet Trails" seemed fantastic, just the kind of thing I want right now.
    However, I wasn't quite able to reproduce them when I sat down with again in the shop yesterday.
    The other filters might be quite useful, especially the 'Tron ones.
    The synth patches pon it were horrible though - they seemed to produce a synth sound at one pitch that didn't change, no matter what you played :confused:

    I think I'll pass on it at the moment. Maybe buy one if I ever see it really reduced, but not now.

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