Line 6 HD500X and bass guitar

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    I wanted to let folks know, for those who haven't found them or arent of bass usability with the above that the HD500X comes with a setlist of presets for the bass guitar that work quite well called Bass-Aco-Voc. I find it much easier to config this via computer than via the knobs and buttons, for now at least. Now i just need to find a case for this. A 6 string MTD Z6 plugged into this and connected to a Markbass Minimark was simply fabulous.
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    Nice I have a PRO X in my rack for my guitars but I've never really played with it as a bass processor though I've wanted to do that. You'll get used to the panel's well done although there are a few annoying quirks. Share some of your bass patches if you find some more.
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    Jun 20, 2016
    It is definitely easier to build patches via the PC based Editor, but "tweaks on the fly" are pretty easy too without having to lug a PC around with you.

    The HD's a huge improvement on the old XT series (didn't try the X3's).