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Line 6 LowDown LD175 Combo Bass Amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Vincent P, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I played with one of these today and it seemed like a good practice amp that would also work for some small gigs. I have not really heard to much about Line 6. Any input would be great.
  2. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    Line 6 amps are, IMHO, a jack of all trades and a master of none. Got a lot of sounds, that's for sure, all of them very good, but none I've found are what I'd call great. I prefer an amp that does one thing very well instead of an amp that does 20 things pretty well. But don't let me throw a wet blanket on your tonal nirvana. It's a big enough amp to do small/medium gigs and would work well mic'ed or DI'd into a PA for larger gigs.
  3. Thanks Jimmy. I've been looking at various amps and came across one of these yesterday at my local GC. Sounded decent enough when I played through it but, I really did'nt care for the effects.

    When I asked about reliability, dependability ect...ect, I received no real answer that satisfied me. About the only thing that did was the sticker price $575 new. I figure for a practice small gig not that chunky of an investment.
  4. scotch

    scotch It's not rocket science! Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2006
    Albany, NY USA
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    I use the LD150 as my home practice amp & I love it. The tilt back feature really works great in my studio/office.

    I agree with JimmyM that you shouldn't expect it to sound exactly like the amps it is modeled after, but the LowDowns are great for getting more of a "real-world amp" sound while you practice. Most practice amps are far too clean & sterile and don't really let my effects "speak" like my LowDown does.

    The built-in LowDown effects are rather limited, as you mentioned. The compressor is serviceable, however.

    My LD150 isn't up to most of the gigging that I do (mostly larger venues). I have used it on a handful of acoustic coffeehouse gigs and a jazz trio gig & it was plenty loud. I have to say that these amps are surprisingly loud for the price point.

    Just my experience, but I preferred the LD150 to both of the larger LowDowns. To my ears the smaller LD150 had better low freq tone. YMMV! You should try it out - unless you really want to gig with a louder band- in which case the LD300 might be the better option......
  5. Hey Vincent, I have the Line 6 LD150 which is the model below the one you are looking at. I happen to like my LD150. while I may not use all of the settings on the amp, the ones I do use are quite nice. My favorite settings are Clean (plus any customization I may choose to my liking), R&B, Rock and Brit. I also like the chorus effect. For an extra $99 ($80 used at GC) I bought the FBV express foot controller, which also includes a wah/volume pedal. I find when I take the time to customize the settings my preference It sounds full and rich (basically punchy an deep).

    For my the Line 6 is a good, solid, practice amp with a lot of bells and whistles. If it were the only one I had to use I'd be fine with it.

    Good luck with your choice.

    Lowdown 150
  6. Ditto, I think that the LD150-300 is the right way to go. I don't think the LD175 is that much of a jump over the 150. The LD300 however my be well worth the investment (I've played one on several occasions while testing out the 6 basses I bought in store)
  7. Thanks for all the input. Nice to have a utility like talk bass to get some real time, from actual bassist input.

    I think I would perfer the clean sound as well, and as stated this will be 85% practice 15% small giging with a three piece, guitar, drummer session.
  8. Well I picked this baby up, will post pics soon and it's turned out to be a nice all round amp.

    This combo has enough kick for the small gigs (guitar, drums, sometimes a keyboard) to cut the mustard of a small area. Can be dialed down for practice solo or with accompaniment.

    If your a geek like myself and take the time to read the manual, it's a pretty straight forward unit to use. The presets are ok but, with some experimentation you can dial in some sweet tones. I like the headphone and CD/MP3 jacks for practice.

    Over all for the price, $575; It's a good buy.

    Thanks to all for your input.