line 6 pod repair

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    my bass pod xt developed an annoying problem where the 'select' knob would only register about 10% of the time. very difficult to select patches that way. Called line6 authorized repair places in town and the minimum quote to even LOOK at it was $50, some were as high as $80. Not happening for a piece of kit I bought used for $100 5yrs ago.

    There are a couple youtube videos on how to open your pod and desolder the bad component from the board. All you need is a desoldering iron from radio shack for $10 a replacement part, and a willingness to learn how to solder.

    Here's where I ran into trouble though - NOBODY lists the appropriate replacement part number, and when I desoldered my component, there were no identifying marks to help me identify it.

    I took measurements of the component and narrowed it down to an ALPS EC12E24404A6 as the dimensional match, but not being an electronics guy, I wasn't sure if it would work electrically. I'm happy to report that as of 5min ago, my pod is back in 100% working order, and the part works perfectly! :hyper:

    Finding that particular part on the web is a PITA, the only place that actually has it in stock is Newark, and their stock is in the UK, so $20 flat rate shipping charge. Compared to the other two places that had unconfirmed stock but had $50 minimum orders, I'll take it.

    Hope this helps out some others who are in the same boat I was in.