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Line 6 Variax 706 bass and PODxt pro pre

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by unatratnag, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. My efforts of searching PODxt and Line 6 came up with nothing so I start this thread. I might have missed one on this but i generally have ignored POD and line 6 variax posts because i never really liked the one bass i played and hated the PODs. Always felt that you'd need to real thing rather than mimic it and I still do; But they ran this article in SUBshop of bass world and had sound samples of it so I thought I'd give them a shot...

    It's actually pretty interesting. I guess they were saying this Variax has a bunch of outputs that come in handy with recording in different medians; I don't know how much time and effort was put into recording most of these, but they sounded better than I remember for the simulating of all the sounds. Still when I try and use the pod it makes (any bass) ... i dunno the word, somewhere inbetween quiet, compressed, and a little lifeless is the word that i would use if i could think of one to describe what the POD does to me... but it's getting better. Still don't care for the Variax though personally, but that was demoing at a store, it sounds better thru this recording *shrug* But what do I know, some of Billy Sheehans' recordings have sounded great thru his POD. I claim not to be a master of mixing.

    EDIT: Just thought of the word. "tame". But I suck at mixing... so I'm not surprised
  2. Interesting that you'd post this because in this month's issue of BassGuitar mag, (our very own) Ed Friedland did a very in-depth feature on that very subject!

    It doesn't appear to be accessable from the BG website but the issue is on the newsstands right now - it has Mike Dirnt on the cover.

    FWIW, he gave the combo very good reviews!