Line 6 Variax Bass 700 like New! Black!

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    Jul 27, 2001
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    I have a Line 6 700 Series Variax Bass up for Grabs.
    If you aren't familiar with this it uses piezo pickups and line 6 Magic to replicate 22 different and discernible different bass tones, including some synths and an upright. And it does this surprise ably well.

    I have everything that comes with it including original gig bag, surprisingly well made. The phantom power Di, the stereo cable that allows you to use the da, the aa battery box which let's you use the bass for more than 45 minutes on one battery. ( you can run this bass on one 9 volt battery, but it only lasts 45 min to an hour) the way to run this guy is with the Di or the 8 aa battery pack.
    Everything that came with it.. Even the box, but shipping in the original box would make it much more expensive, as it is huge. The bass accessories and gig bag, are much more manageable. This bass is practically in like new condition. You can tell it's been stored in an old house. But it plays and works like new.

    I'm asking for $650 shipper to the continental 48 states. It will not be available to ship until October 1 as I will be on vacation till the 30th.
    Any questions can be pm ed to me here or Preferably emailed to [email protected] for faster response. Not really looking for trades, except maybe partial trades towards EBMM Big Al Basses SSS 4 string?
    Anything Crazy?
    Make me an offer?