No longer available Line6 Bass POD

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    Line6 Bass Pod, Footswitch, Power adapter, USB cable, FT SW cable, carrybag.
    Now $145.00 shipped CONUS only.

    like new
    Line 6
    Bass Pod

    Comes with FT switch, Carrybag, power adapter and cable.

    Bass POD® xt Features
    Discrete Processed & DI Outputs
    +4dBu / -10dBV balanced 1/4 Inch Outputs
    24-bit A/D and D/A Converters
    MIDI In, Out/Thru
    RJ-45 Foot Controller Connector
    USB Connector for Digital I/O
    Headphone Output
    Bass Input
    Bass PODxt Amp Models based on*:
    Acoustic 360
    Aguilar® DB750
    Alembic F-2B
    Ampeg® B-15A
    Ampeg® SVT
    Eden Traveller WT-300
    Fender® Bassman®
    Fender® Dual Showman®
    Gallien Kruger 800RB
    Hiwatt® DR-103
    Hiwatt® 200 DR
    Marshall® Major
    Marshall® Plexi Super Bass
    Mesa/Boogie® 400+
    Polytone Mini-Brute
    Sunn® Coliseum
    SWR® SM-500
    Vox® AC100
    Line 6 Original - Line 6 Tube Preamp
    Line 6 Original - Line 6 Sub Dub
    And six more!
    Bass PODxt Cabinet Models based on*:
    1x12 Euphonics® CXL-112L
    1x12 Versatone® Pan-O-Flex
    1x15 Ampeg® B-15
    1x15 SWR® Big Ben
    1x15 Polytone® Minibrute
    1x18 Acoustic 360
    1x18 Mesa/Boogie®
    1x18 + 12 Sunn® Coliseum
    2x10 Ashdown® ABM 210T
    2x15 Fender® Dual Showman® D130F
    2x15 Mesa/Boogie®
    2x15 Vox® AC-100
    4x10 Line 6 Original
    4x10 Fender® Bassman® Combo w/ new speakers
    4x10 Fender® Bassman® Combo
    4x10 Fender® Hartke® 410
    4x10 Fender® David Eden
    4x12 Hiwatt® Bass Cab
    4x12 1967 Marshall® Basketweave w/ Greenbacks
    4x12 1968 Marshall® Basketweave w/ Greenbacks
    4x15 Marshall® Major
    8x10 Ampeg® SVT Cab
    Bass PODxt Microphone Models based on*:
    Neumann® U47 - close mic'd
    Neumann® U47 - distant mic'd
    AKG® D-112
    EV® RE-20

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    Any interest in trading for a G50 wireless setup?
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    Dec 5, 2007
    No Thanks.
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    Dec 5, 2007