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Line6 Bass PODxt versus BOSS GT-6B

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by israel.biscaia, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. israel.biscaia


    Apr 3, 2006
    Hi there guys!!

    I am going to be in Florida mid May and I've seen that Line6 Bass PODxt LIVE... I wanna buy a amp simulator, and I am almost done with my choice for BASS PODxt LIVE, but I heard someone talking about that BOSS GT6-B, I'd like to know from you all what you think! Both of them are around $400, and that's what I am willing to pay! So let me know which one you'd choose and why!!! ;) Is Behringer Bass V-AMP as good as those other two?

    Thanks in advance folks!
  2. I looked at the same pedals and ended up getting the POD.

    All I can say is VERY HAPPY. Still playing with the bits - there's so much you can do with this baby. I use it as my preamp into the effects return on my amp or DI into the mixing board, and I mainly use the amp sims with a few effects here and there.

    Been doing lots of fiddling with the envelope follower lately and have got some lovely greasy funk sounds out of it.

    Presets are not bad but the tones you can download are better, and I spent a lot of time going through the presets I use and levelling the volume as there are some big jumps in output between them. My fave out of the box tone would have to be the one labelled "Spoonful" - on my guitar it sounds just like Jack Bruce's warm, brown overdriven sound on Crossroads and the live Cream stuff.
  3. I have the GT-6B, which has excellent FX on it. However, I the modling is pretty bad. I don't like modeling on either unit, but I must say that the Line 6 did sound somewhat better in the modeling while the GT-6B was much better in FX.
  4. israel.biscaia


    Apr 3, 2006
    So I'll get both of them! POD for modeling and GT-6B for FX! :D

    Just kidding, I can't afford both of them now, so I think I am going for PODxt cause the main reason is modeling...

    By the way, any other better option for modeling, even if it's more expensive? Just wanted to know what you think it's good enough...

    Thanks ;)
  5. I havn't really heard any modeling unit that I like a ton. The Sansamp is OK, but nothing special. If you are looking for really high end stuff, I think Roland makes a pedalboard with tons of modeling on it. Never tried one though... I think Korg also makes a pedalboard; not sure if it has modeling.
  6. keb


    Mar 30, 2004
    For what it's worth, I like Line 6's modelling. I personally like it better than the modelling in the SansAmp units I've owned (GT2 and BDDI), to compare the Line 6 modelling technology with another well-known modelling technology. To me it's a lot more flexible, and easier to dial in the tones I'm looking for, and I think it just plain sounds better.
  7. patrickj


    Aug 13, 2001
    Ellicott City, MD
    Endorsing: Spector Bass Guitars
    I choose the XT Live over the Boss. I've used a Bass Pod extensively in the past and have always liked the modelling (amps and fx). I've also never been a big fan of Boss effects.

    However, I'm pretty careful with my money and esp as the purchase was going to be a long term investment, I arranged A/Bing both. To my ears, the Line6 is much nicer. I think the amp modelings are much nicer, there's more variety and a lot more control over your sound if you're specific about what you want.

    That being said - the Boss is easier to get started with. If you never envision plugging the thing into the computer and tweaking to get your sounds, go with the Boss. The Line6 while nice, requires a lot more work to find 'your' tones. Also - and not sure if this applies to the Boss, only found it out after I purchased - you can't stack effects. The Line6 allows up to 9 simultaneous effects (which sound wonderful), but you can't have multiple Stomps (dist / overdrives), or multiple Mods (chorus / stomp compressors). I use the Line6 to basically give me my preamp/head sound (fx included). When I need an optional effect I use additional stomp effects.

    I use my BOD straight into a QSC power amp.
  8. patrickj


    Aug 13, 2001
    Ellicott City, MD
    Endorsing: Spector Bass Guitars
    I've also owned the Behringer V-Amp and it's actually pretty nice for what it does. The amp models sound VERY good but quite a few of cabinet voicings are kind of poo (run it in the live mode rather than studio - it disables the cabinets - however, it makes it less useful for recording purposes).

    Keep in mind it has no real effects. It says it does, but they are totally useless. You only get 1 effect at a time with no varieties, and you can't enable/disable while playing (short of setting up an external midi pedal) like with the Line6 or Boss. Changing between patches - to either change amp settings or effect settings - also makes a bit of diginoise.

    Also, it's beyond difficult to edit with the thing unless you install the PC software (nothing for Mac).

    If you just want it as a preamp or some preamp variety, it totally rocks, esp at the price. But if you want it as a cheaper alternative to Pod or Boss with all of the flexibility, it's just not as good and will give you grief. (both the regular v-amp and the v-amp pro)

    Oh, and the tube preamp on it is un@#$%ing believable :). Best digital tube preamp emulation I've ever heard. It's worth the $70 or whatever it costs just for that (if that's your kind of tone).
  9. gillento


    Oct 15, 2005
    Luxembourg, Europe
    Nordstrand pickups
    +1 on the BassPod XT. I used to own a GT6B, too.
    The Boss is good for FX (if you like Boss FX), but the Pod is way better in Modelling!!
  10. another vote for the bass pod xt. you need to tweak it to find your tone but it's worth it.

    not to hijack the thread, but a quick question about the bass pod xt overdrive setting (sansamp emulation): does this sound close to a real sansamp? i like the tone i get with this setting while using the ampeg model but am curious if it sounds close to the real deal. thanks!
  11. I bought a BOD XT Live. I am very pleased with it so far. I also have the V-Amp and I strongly prefer the BOD over it. Another selling feature of the BOD is that it interfaces very well with the Variax Bass that I also bought. You can program the BOD to change the guitar setting on the bass when you change a patch on the BOD. Way cool.

    I agree with the presets not being that great although I do like the Live At Leeds preset. There are many many different settings, amps, effects, cabinets, so there can be hours and hours of tweaking to get exactly the sound you are trying to achieve. The flexibility is there.
  12. israel.biscaia


    Apr 3, 2006
    GREAT!! :hyper:

    Thanks for the help, guys! So I am going for the PODxt Live!! :bassist:

    I'll drop by and ask you guys some things for sure when I get it! hahahaha

    One question I have right now is, it has a USB port doesn't it? Does it mean I can plug it into my PC's USB port and record directly thru it so I don't have to lose 90% of the sound quality because of my crappy sound card?? That sounds aewsome! Let me know if I am right pleeez! :D

  13. +1 for the Bass Pod Live.

    I have recently got one and really love it!

    You can record to the computer via the usb.
    When you get it you will need to download the Line6 Monkey and Line6 Edit, all on the Line6 website.
    Once all installed and connected in your control panel, sounds and audio devices, you'll need to change the input to the Bass Pod, then you can record to your hearts content with your favorite audio editing program. I use Adobe Audition.
  14. israel.biscaia


    Apr 3, 2006
    schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! :smug:

  15. Randy W Lopez

    Randy W Lopez Supporting Member

    Oct 19, 2003
    Dearborn Heights, MI
    Endorsing Artist-MESA BOOGIE
    I've had the GT-6B, went with the Line 6 XT Live for about 5 months, sold that and went back to the GT-6B and couldn't be happier.
    I basically use it for the effects, not the modeling. The opposite for the Line 6.
    Line 6---Effects:rollno: Modeling:)
    GT-6B--Effects:) Modeling:scowl:

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