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    Jul 8, 2013
    Hello all,

    Several days ago, I received an LD15 bass amp from eBay and was able to actually start using it. It was described as "new, old stock". Yes, I got burned on this purchase. When trying it out on two different basses and cords (just to make sure it wasn't any of my equipment), the amplifier continues to make a rattling noise primarily on the "E" string (though the "A" string is also affected at times). Never did I try to "crank" the volume of the amp; I didn't take it past the twelve o'clock position. Even turning down all knobs fully left except for the master (which was only turned to about 4 on the clean setting), the amp still makes an annoying rattling noise. The rattling is about as loud as the note being played.

    I realize that it is only a 15 Watt amplifier, but it still should allow me to play louder than essentially a whisper without the distinct rattling noise. I have turned all of the dials to various levels to see if that was the problem, and much to my dismay, I was not able to produce a healthy tone from this amp.

    Today, I took it to a reputable instrument and audio shop to have it looked at, and they told me that the speaker is essentially completely broken and will not function at louder volumes. They were able to tell me that there is nothing electronically wrong with it; the problem has been isolated to being a "busted" or "blown out" speaker. I had not even put any of the volume knobs past the recommended "12 o' clock" setting at any given point. Needless to say, this is very upsetting.

    At this point, I just want it fixed and working well.

    Now I am looking at buying a new speaker for this device because I am sure I would really like the device if it were to work.

    My question is, first, how many ohms is this amp's speaker?

    Secondly, would fitting it with a new speaker rated higher in terms of wattage adversely affect the amp? (such as replacing it with a 20 or 25 W speaker)

    Thirdly, does anybody have any recommendations on which speaker to buy? (being price-conscious)

    Thank you for reading this and assisting me.
  2. pink_freud257


    Jul 8, 2013
    Thank you for the response. Though, what happens if the minimum load for the amp module is 4 ohms? Is that safe?
  3. If the min amp load is 4 ohms the amp will output less power with a 8 ohm speaker. If the amp min is 8 ohms and you use a 4 ohm speaker the amp will be destroyed. Most Line 6 BTL's I have seen were 8 ohm minimum.

    The lower the number the heavier load to an amp, 0 ohms is a dead short.