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    Jan 3, 2009
    yo. so i got one of the line6 xt live bass pedals for christmas this year and i just got a couple questions about it.

    first question has to do with the banks. there's 16 but the pedal says that banks 1-7 are for head phones, 8-12 at for an amp, and the rest are for variax?. do you actually have to follow this cause im playin the head phones banks through my amp and the tone is kick ass. and whats the variax thing?

    im also wondering if i should eq flat through my head. the pedal has all the different amps that you can eq within it so i wasn't sure if i should keep my amp eq'd or no.

    and my last question is who's got some setting's that they enjoy that i can try out. im playin through an ampeg 4x10 hlf with an svt3 pro head. im lookin for a ballsy and kinda grungy but slappy tone. i've got a fender zone bass that has alot of pop to it and a shecter stalleto thats got a really wooden tone. just wonderin who's got suggestions for me to try out so i can get that tone im lookin for.

    thanks guys
    peace and rock out!:bassist:
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    Jun 19, 2003
    Check the firmware version, you may need to upgrade to the latest. 1.06 is the latest. I haven't owned the Bass XTL POD, but I have the Bass POD XT Pro. The initial bank presets are just for reference. Feel free to change those to whatever works for you.

    I'd suggest bypassing the preamp in your SVT 3 Pro and plug the output of the Bass XTL into the effects return. Essentially you would just use the SVT 3 Pro as a power amp.
  3. Line6 designed the factory presets so that the first third sound good for headphones, the second third sound good with an amp, and the last third utilize variax models...

    These are only suggestions however, so if you like a preset, just use it if it sounds good.
    You are free to overwrite any and all factory presets with your own as well.

    The Variax is the digital bass that connects to the VDI input.
    Anything regarding the variax will not pertain to you, as you are using a regular bass instead.
    (Shameless plug) Unless of course, you want to buy a variax from me.

    Its best to bypass your amp altogether by using the effects return. This allows you to keep things transparent so that your POD can do its magic without coloration from your amp.
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    Jun 27, 2008
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    you can also go to and download and upload custom tones
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    Feb 2, 2008
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    Do you still make Variax basses?

    I have the PodXT Live and a Variax 300 guitar, with I've used for the last few years with a couple of bands. (And I love the Workbench!)

    Now I'm playing bass, using the PodXT Live for effects, but I don't have a Variax Bass.
  6. The Variax bass was discontinued last year...

    I have one that i am trying to sell.
    Its an insanely amazing bass, and very well built (it puts the cheap guitar models to shame)
    I am selling mine because i play fretless exclusively now.

    If you are interested, send me a PM.