Linear tuners for elastic strings

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  1. caladan


    Jul 22, 2016
    It looks like most linear tuners have maybe a 2" range of motion, which is fine if you're using regular strings which only need to be stretch a couple of inches to bring in tune. However I'm looking to use Ubass strings which need to be stretched maybe 8-10" going from totally relaxed to tuned up. Are there any tuner systems designed to work with that besides the traditional post and worm gear? I'm having a hard time finding space for traditional tuners on this particular project.

    I could imagine using linear tuners where you would pre stretch the strings and lock them in place, and then have the tuners do the last bit of fine tuning. The locking mechanism could be a set screw pressing against a plate that distribute the force over a length of the string. In my own experimenting I've found that just using a 1/4-20 plastic screw as a set screw, it digs in and mars the ubass string, so a plate or similar is needed. Or something else entirely.

    Thanks for looking, and for any input,

    - Dan
  2. T_Bone_TL


    Jan 10, 2013
    SW VT
    My day job intrudes and suggest a (presumably home-brewed for the application) version of the "Drop cable wedge clamp" as something that distributes force over a wide area, and clamps more the more you pull on the cable.
  3. caladan


    Jul 22, 2016
    That's awesome! Do those tend to lock up, or as soon as the cable has some slack, the wedge loosens up?
  4. RSBBass


    Jun 11, 2011
    Could you make some kind of a cam system to mount the strings and then have fine tuners? I will see if I can make a drawing of what I am thinking of if you like. A few more details on the project could help.
  5. caladan


    Jul 22, 2016
    The cams would assist with the rough tuning, and then fine tuners would do the rest? Not a bad idea
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  6. caladan


    Jul 22, 2016
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