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  1. I have created a webpage [geocities, sorry for those annoying popups] that will be where I place pictures of my Bass Makeover. You can see the page here:

    As of now, all that is there is a short introduction and one picture of how my bass is in it's current configuration. Nothing necessarily wrong with the way it is, I just prefer wood grain over a painted guitar. However, the makeover will be more than just color. It will be slightly altered in size and design. Nothing drastic, just a bit smaller, probably a 1/4th inch away from the width. Whenever I can copmlete it, it should make for some intereing 'before and after' photos. I'll let you all know when a change has been made. Wish me luck! :)
  2. I purchased the wood for the matchbook top. It may be a bit surprising, but it is Spanish Cedar. Normally not a good wood for this application, but it had an interesting ripple effect and almost a 'tiger stripe' thing going on. It's a bit softer than I'd really like, but I'm very careful with my instruments anyway.

    Also, the new design has been sketched out. I outlined the body of the Peavey and sketched out a better looking body and head than it's current look.

    Again, when it's finished, I'll post before and after photos.
  3. Would this be a post more suited for the Luthier's Corner?
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    Well, I don't know why nobody has replied... Maybe this would be more suited to Basses? Maybe start a new one over there and close this one?