list of pedals im curious about

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  1. I have very few music stores near me and few carry the pedals im interested in. I guess the sound samples on the net just don't satisfy my curiousity

    The Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synth (wouldn't mind a detailed discription of what this thing is capable of)
    Akai Headrush 1 or 2 (im crazed about delays/echos/reverbs and loop systems)
    Rocktron Heat Attack (looks very appealing but not quite sure)
    Digitech Jamman looper (this is a new pedal in the digitech line up. im looking for a good looper not quite like the echoplex something less expensive but good quality)
    Moogfooger Murf (what the **** is this)
    Moogfooger filter (is it a mutron, bass synth what?)

    If you have any suggestions or better quality pedals that could replace that would be great.

    Also looking for a new flanger and phase shifter i have both the boss flanger and phaser and they are probably the best but im looking for something that could compliment or possibly contrast to the two boss pedals i already have to stop from have to tweek them all the time and possible create like a SUPER FLANGER or SUPER PHASE SHIFTER, i don't know if it would sound horribly sloppy or sound amazing but i would like to try it anyway.
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    i havent actually used any of those pedals and so can only offer a little bit of info:

    akai headrush: this was one of the best sellers of akai's pedal lineup. it gets great reviews generally, and is supposed to do quite a good tape echo simulation.

    rocktron heart attack: from what i have gathered, this is basically the same as an electro-harmonix bass balls envelope filter. still its cheap and might be worth a try.

    most of the pedals you mentioned have been adequately reviewed at and on these forums.
  3. the microsynth is radical. Just get it, you'll love it. The EH website has a few samples, and Les Claypools later stuff (like frog brigade) is dripping with it in parts.

    It's got several "voices" - straight, octave and suboctave and square wave. Most speak for themselves, but square wave is something to behold. I regularly terrify the neighbours dog with it!

    It also has a filter section with sweep speed, stop and start frequency control and resonance. Think of it as a really flexible envelope filter.

    The attack delay effects a volume sweep when triggered.

    It's totally cool, but takes quite a bit of twiddling to get it just so. Man, if you vaguely like that sort of effect you will love it. Trust me.

    The Headrush is way cool. I love just building up simple bits and peices and jamming all by myself. Start with a real simple riff just outlining a few chords and build up and up until it's sounding like a full bass guitar orchestra! The tape echo is kinda funky too. Still feeling this one out at the moment...

    Most of the others I don't know. But, from what I DO know, moogerfoogers are the shizzit.

    Man, what can I say, just go down and try 'em all out. You'll have a ball and you'll instantly know if you dig them or not, plus you'll annoy the other customers with some mutilated sounds! :)