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    1. Supro Thunderbolt. Paid 35 bucks for it, in 1967. I LOVED it, because it was my first bass amp. sounded prety bad for bass, and people like Jimmy Page discovered it's far greater usefulness as a guitar amp.

    2. Ampeg BT-15C My first 'real' bass amp. 240 bucks, bought it used in 1968 from an ad in the N.Y. "Buy Lines" paper. The head was 100 watts, and lit up turquoise green, it had an electroluminescent panel. Beautiful, well made relaible, decent amp that served me quite well.

    3. Marshall Major, 200 bass head, and one- Marshall 4-15 cabinet.
    Incredible loud, ballsy amp. Bought it NEW in 1971, for 775 bucks. A LOT of money then. It stopped working- blew fuses when one KT-88 tube went bad. Cannot use an amp like that to gig with. Sold it- took a huge loss.

    4. Acoustic 450 head. Nice amp- didn't have it long, someone without morals decided they deserved it more than I did.

    5.. Ampeg SVT head, and original 'flatback' screw on dolly cab. Circa 1969. That thing was stunning, both in size, weight, and power.
    Did disco, and rock scene gigs with it in 1976-77.
    Got tired of hauling it.

    6. Ampeg B-15n- 1966, MINT...bought it for 60 bucks with a blown output transformer in '76. Got a transfomer from Andre' Audio in Manhattan for 35 bucks, rerpaired it myself, put a nice JBL K-140 in it. Loved it. Took it to one gig, and couldn't hear myself. Traded that for a 'towel bar' SVT cab.

    7. Ampeg B-410 -I bought this after hearing Anthony Jackson play through one at his then 'regular' gig- with Buddy Rich, at Buddy's Place, in Upper Manhattan. Nice sounding amp- used a phaser, and blew up the input stage -twice, traded it, I'm old, I don't remember for what.

    8. Sunn Coliseum 880, and 2-15 200-S cabinet with JBL K-140's. Loved that rig, used it as my main gigging New York City rig... "Famous" bassists all complimented me on how good it sounded. Yeah, it did sound wonderful.

    9. Acoustic 106 cab- a small 2-15 cabinet with Altec 421-8H's, one of the best sounding pieces of gear I ever had...but it was made of particle board, and began to decompose around critical ponts like caster mounts. Sad, but got rid of it.

    10. GK 400 RB, with TWO front inputs, a rare very early one... and an 8 ohm Hartke 4-10, also an early one, but post-Guild.
    That rig, as good as it sounded at quiet gigs, ran out of steam, even at wedding gigs in larger rooms. A 150 watt Fart machine. I began to loathe it. Also used the 880 and a Theile single 15 EVM 15B cab. Not happy with that rig....also farted and distorted. The old 400 RB and the 1-15 Thiele got stolen out of my Mustang on 9th. St., in Manhattan, when I went to an after hours place. I'm sure glad I took my bass into the club that night. I hate thieves.

    11. Sunn 118- BEAUTIFULLY made direct radiator cabinet, that really sounded mediocre. And, too big.

    12. Marshall 3540, 400 watt Bi-amp head. Loved it. Really. I took it to Reno with me when I moved. After this, and My Trace Eliot experiences, I know never, ever, to buy anything made in England, that uses electricity. The Marshall is dead somewhere, and I don't care. Probably in the trunk of an Austin-Healy 3000.

    13. Peavey 1510. Nice cabinet, but really disappointing. Sold it.

    14. Sunn 118 RH. A KILLER small, 1-18 curved front, folded horn cabinet. I loved that cab, but-alas, also too big- it tried to push the rear hatch glass out of my '86 Mustang GT. That led me to-

    15. I BUILT a single 15 folded horn, using a nice full 1/2" sheet of plywood I found on the STREET in Brooklyn! I bought a sheet of 3/4" ply, for the bottom, baffle, and braces- I 'reduced' all the Sunn cabs measurements by 3-4"...put a EVM in it, and it wiped the floor with every other cabinet I ever owned. A friend in N.Y. still has it, and it still sounds great.

    16. After my move out west, I had my prized Sunn 118 shipped out here. Used it often, until the gig situation changed out here. I then BUILT another 1-15, 1/2" plywood Edwards 'Boom Box' like I made in Brooklyn. I LOVE it! I STILL use it, nothing sounds like it for lows, nothing... except my Cerwin-Vegas.

    17. This is my "Trace Eliot" period. In 1993- worked as a guitar tech at a Trace dealer. I had an RAH 350 SMX head, and a small 2-10, and a small 1-15 cab. the 15 was a nice little box, the 210- a disappointment. Their gear, at even MY wholesale cost, was way overpriced. The wattage rating, and the actual output never seemed to be what they claimed, either. Very expensive let down.

    18. Mackie M-1400 power amp, and SWR Grand Prix Pre-amp
    MAN, that rig killed, but it weighed about 60 pounds in the rack, with the furman conditioner and all the cables... and I got sick of hauling it.

    19. Cerwin-Vega B-36MF cabinets. (2) sold one, still have the other. These were and are amazing bass guitar cabs. A 'J' box, with a single 12 in the front baffle for the highs. These cabinets absolutely destroy any full range cabinet made today. An SVT 8-10 is a bass kazoo in comparison. Play outdoors, without going direct, and the bass will be heard an eighth mile from the stage, Yes, it's true, 'cause I listened to another bassist use it and walked that far away.

    20. SWR Triad. Triad stands for "This really is a dud." By the time I sold it, it had more sheet rock screws holding it together to keep from rattling, than a small apartment in Queens! ALL SWR stuff is underbuilt, overrated, and overpriced, in my opinion.

    21. SWR Workingman's 12. nice combo. NOT so well made. I had to replace pots in it, after a very short time owning it.

    22. SWR Bass 350 chrome front. nice amp, but just not quite powerful enough, and as with all SWR stuff- the honeymoon was over with it, and all of their products for me at this point.

    23. Pearce B2P head... a marvelous discovery! I own two. killer amps. Both now retired, see why below, at #34.

    24. Sunn 2-15 SH curved front- folded horn, now loaded with Eminence 15's, 900 watt 4ohm killer cabinet. Still have it. NOBODY makes a cabinet like this anymore. Knock patrons off barstools at 30 feet.

    25. Acoustic Image Clarus 1 head. Still have it, great product. Never had a single issue with it! My first Class 'D' amp.

    26. Avatar 112. Older rear port 'cube.' NICE cabinet- used it for upright.

    27. GK MB-150, a lovely, unique little box. Nothing else like it. still use it on upright gigs. It is made a bit flimsy in places.

    28. Avatar 4-10 Neo, also a NICE cabinet- still have it. lacking a bit in mid punch- but man, this cabinet is just killer and destroys most 'name' cabs in it's range.

    29. Mesa Powerhouse 1-12 neo. Wasn't in the market for another cab at all, then I heard this cabinet. Bought it new at a music store liquidation sale. Still have it. I'll never sell it, it's THAT good.

    30. Peavey 210 Pro, a REALLY good sounding cab, but I got it in trade, and have never used it. I had a tvx- 210, sold it fairly quickly, so lumped here with the other 2-10.

    31. Acoustic B-200 combo. A surprisingly great amp. Cheap, too. Only combos in it's price range that's now better is the TC- 250-1-15, or the GK neo 1-15. 300 to 400 bucks for a gigging amp that sounds great is remarkable.

    32. Euphonic audio VL-210 first series. Heavy little box, but in the right settings, with the right head, WOW. Runs out of steam, when pushed hard, like all other 2-10 cabs... but the mid drivers and crossovers make this box highly useful as a near field monitor.

    33. Euphonic Audio CXL 1-12. Just blew up the coax speaker in it- MY bad. This is a great cabinet- if you stay within the wattage limit. For upright, only, a JBL Eon 15 sounds better.
    Euphonic cannot supply a replacement speaker, and doesn't guarantee a successful reconing! So, that cab now has an Eminence neo long throw 12 from an Avatar cab, and a Selenium tweeter in it, sounds even better than before, and weighs about 20 pounds less.

    34. NOW, for the latest, and most impressive piece of bass gear I have ever purchased.
    Genz- Benz Shuttle 9.0 Man, there's a lot of love on Talkbass for this head, and it's descendents. There's a bunch of great reasons why.
    Affordable, mass produced, killer sounding, small, simply laid out, easy to use, quiet, well built pieces of gear.
    Every time I use it, it seems to just keep amazing me how much low end and power it has.

    35. I don't know yet- but this is to be continued- I have G.A.S., as all of you already can relate to!
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    Sep 14, 2011
    1. SWR 1x10 combo that I bought with my first bass. Sold that after a year or so and with money I had saved, bought:

    2. Thunderfunk TFB420 head and an Aguilar 2x10 which has served me well for years and been all I've needed or wanted so far.
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    HI BASSIST JOE 93! I'm a lefty bassist too. Hence- my username here, and on all other bass forums.
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    1. Peavey 810TX
    2. Ampeg SVT410HLF (x2)
    3. Ampeg SVT610HLF
    4. Ampeg SVT810E
    5. Aguilar GS410
    6. Eden 410XLT
    7. Eden 210XLT
    8. Genz Benz Uber410
    9. Eden D610XST
    10. Mesa Powerhouse 810
    11. Mesa Powerhouse 1200
    12. Avatar B410 Neo
    13. Avatar B212 Neo
    14. Genz Benz 410 XB2

    These are in the order I thought of them, for the most part. My two current cabs are the Eden 610 and the Mesa PH1200. I really have no thoughts to add, other than I really dug most of them---just got rid of each for whatever reason at the time (usually GAS).

    As to heads:

    1. Peavey Firebass
    2. Ampeg SVT4Pro (x3)
    3. Genz Benz GBE750
    4. Eden WT550B
    5. Genz Benz STL-900
    6. Genz Benz Max 9.2
    7. Aguilar DB750 (the one I should NEVER have let go)
    8. Eden WT1205
    9. Mesa M6 Carbine
    10. Mesa Titan V12
    11. BBE BMax and BMax-T preamps, with a QSC 1804 power amp

    I think that about does it for heads. The ones I currently have are the Mesa Titan and the Eden 1205.
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    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    I'll try to remember all of 'em:
    Peavey TKO 65 1x15 combo
    GK 400RB w/ various cabs
    Crate BX(?)500 1x15 combo w/ 1x15 ext cab- gigged this one alot in the mid 80's
    Peavey Mk 3 w/ Fender BXR Spectrum 1x18 2x10 cab
    Ampeg B100R 1x15 combo
    SWR WM's 12 1x12 combo
    SWR WM's 15 1x15 combo
    Ampeg BA210 SP 2x10 combo
    Ampeg BA 500 2x10 combo w/ SVT 18 ext cab
    Ampeg SVT 6Pro w/ Mesa PH 410/210 or Deisel 215
    Ampeg V4BH w/ SVT410he or SVT 15e and SVT210he
    Mesa Buster 210 combo w/ Diesel 1x15 ext cab
    Mesa Walkabout w/ Genz Benz Uber 2x12 and/or Aguilar DB112nt (current)
    Mesa M3 Carbine w/ Aguilar DB210 (current)

    There were many other cabs in between, including Epifani UL2 2x12, Mesa PH 1x15, SVT 810, Ampeg BXT210m, and a few others, and a few combo's including- GK Backline 110, Line 6 110 Studio, Vox Pathfinder 10, some old Kay 1x15, and a few more I've forgotten. Note, current rig has not changed in over 6 yrs, and the vast majority came between then, and 2 yrs prior.
  7. :pI'll play, including only rigs/gear that had a couple hundred gigs or more under their belts over the past 40 years or so:

    WAY back in the day (early 70's): Kustom 100 and Gibson EBO:p

    Back in the day: Rick 4001 and Peavey TNT or Peavey solid state 400 with Peavey 2 x 15 cab, retrofitted with Altec Lansing 15's. Eventually went to a Cerwin Vega/JBL stack

    Late 70's/Early 80's: JBL Cabaret 15 cabs with a Music Man Hybrid130 head and a Music Man Stingray. Moved to an Alembic F2 Preamp/Furmin Parametric/BGW amp rack rig (big mistake!) Finally settled on a GK 400RB with a Bag End 15 cube stack with JBLK140's (they were selling empty cabs at that time).

    Mid 80's: Discovered 'hippie sandwich/coffee table basses:p. Kept the Music Man, but had an awful BC Rich Monarch and then a beautiful Villette-Citron 4 string with the Bag End stack. Still gigging the GK400RB... can't really remember when I got it... got one off the first production run.

    Late 80's.... discovered Walter Woods and gigged one Walter or the other for the next 15+ years or so. In between the GK and the Walter, gigged an SWR SM400 for a while (awful) and then the Eden WT300 (upgraded to the WT400) with the Bag End stack (now the real Bag End cabs with their own speakers sd15/sd15x).

    Early 90's:... still primarily gigging the Walter Woods.... eventually discovered EA cabs and gigged a VL210 for a while... still the Villette, in addition to a 5 string Stingray.

    Late 90's: Walter still:p, now with various Epifani cabs with an SWR900/Goliath III for the big stuff. MTD535.

    Early2000's... Walter still:p:p, Epi 410UL... pretty darn good. Still the MTD535, in addition to a Fodera Emperor. Eventually moved them for the new Lakland 55-94... nice at the time... punchy and lightweight.

    Mid 2000's.... discovered 'overpriced Fender copies':p and Bergantino:bassist: A series of 'post Walter amps'... Thunderfunk550, Markbass LMII, TecAmp, Genz, etc. Sadowsky! Celinder!

    Current: Settled on Nordstrand P5, Alleva-Coppolo LM5 (70's style J), Aguilar TH500, Glockenklang Blue Soul... more Bergantino's and Thunderchild cabs. Lots of gigs with the P, a Streamliner900/Berg AE410. LMII got a LOT of gigging time also.
  8. 1) Acoustic 140 head with matching 106 2 x 15" cabinet. Used it for several years, then sold it for what I originally paid for it - not bad.

    2) Gallien-Krueger 400B->homemade 1 x 18" cabinet - I built a 1 x 18" Thiele cabinet using an EV TL-505 plan. I drove a '70 VW beetle at the time, and discovered halfway through the build that it wasn't going to fit in my backseat. I started a second build that was six inches shallower and called EV to find out how to resize the port. To my great surprise, Don Keele answered the phone and gave me an answer in a couple of minutes. The cabinet was loaded with an EV-18B, later reconed to the EV-18PRO.

    This cabinet was originally powered with a Gallien-Krueger 400B. While I loved the way the 400B sounded, it had a nasty habit of periodically spitting out a burst of power that would blow the speaker. I took it to several shops to get it fixed, but no one could find anything wrong with it. Called Gallien-Krueger and got Bob Gallien on the phone. He had me send it to a shop where one of the original 400B techs was working who was able to finally fix it. The 400B was eventually retired and borrowed by the guitarist in the band I was in at the time, who loaned it out to someone else, who never returned it.

    3) Gallien-Krueger 800RB->homemade JBL 2 X 10"/homemade 1 X 18". I upgraded to the 800RB and built a 2 X 10" cabinet by copying one cell of an Ampeg 8 x 10". The JBL K110's were purchased at a Showco garage sale. I used this setup for several more years. I sold the 800RB and the JBL's, and wound up hauling the cabinets to the dump.

    4) Ampeg B2 4 x 8" combo - I had grown tired of hauling two cabinets and a rack around and wanted a simpler solution. I found the Ampeg B2 in a pawn shop for $350. It was making some popping noises when you plugged into it, so I was able to talk them down to $200. The popping was from a bad input jack, so I replaced it with a Neutrik locking 1/4" jack. I discovered on the first gig I used it on that the 8" speakers sounded great, but didn't throw at all. As such, I wound up buying an Ampeg SVT-18E to use with it. I still have the B2.

    5) Kern IP-777->QSC PLX2402->Ampeg SVT410-HE->Ampeg SVT-18E. Turns out the B2 didn't have enough power to keep up with a rock band, so I found a used Ampeg SVT-410HE cheap and started looking for something to power it and the SVT-18E. The Kern had just come out and I had some cash at the time, so I bought the Kern and the QSC. Used this rig for several years. Still have the Kern and QSC, sold both Ampeg cabinets (ironically, I still have the two road cases the Ampegs were in - anyone?).

    6) Kern IP-777->QSC PLX-2402->Schroeder 412. Again, I got tired of hauling two cabinets and a rack around, so I sold the Ampegs and got a Schroeder 412. Still have the Schroeder and still use it on big stages.

    7) Mindprint Envoice II->QSC PLX-2402->Schroeder 412. I tried everything I could, but I could never get the Kern to sound the way I wanted with the Schroeder - always sounded muddy, so much so that I started looking for another preamp. I decided to try the Mindprint because it has a 12AX7 in the output circuit and a built-in compressor. I used it for a while until I found...

    7) Yamaha PB-1->QSC PLX-2402->Bergantino HT-212. I bought the Bergantino HT-212 and an Epifani 410NYC in a package deal from a hoarder who found them somewhere. Each had one bad speaker in them, but after fixing the Berg it has become my go-to cabinet - sounds great everywhere I use it. I found the PB-1 on eBay for $125, and it may be the best $125 I ever spent - it's almost impossible to get a bad sound out of it.

    8)Ashly BP41->QSC PLX-2402->Bergantino HT-212. Went to GC with my son last week to pick up a starter drum set for my 3-year-old grandson. While I was waiting on my son to get the drum set taken care of, I wandered into the bass room and spotted a mint-condition Ashly BP41. They had just taken it in on a trade and hadn't even put a price on it yet. Put it in the rack and I've only used it once, but I like it so far. Don't know if it or the PB-1 will be the keeper.
  9. DWBass

    DWBass The Funkfather

    I'll keep mine short and simple.

    1. Traynor 2x15: Sucked
    2. Peavey TNT130 Combo: Heavy and it sucked
    3. Fender BXR200 Combo: Heavy and it sucked
    4. Avatar B210: Nice. Not too heavy and my first tweetered cab.
    5. Avatar B115: Sucked
    6. Avatar SB112: Loved it. Light and punchy. Tweeter...yay!
    7. GK 112Neos (x2): Light, affordable and loud. Tweeters....yay! Still own.
    8. Genz Benz 410T XB 2nd generation with front ports: Heavy as sin but sounds wonderful! Did I say heavy! Still own.
    9. Hartke TP210: Bought off craigslist to leave at the practice spot. Sounds ok. Very light. No tweeter but aluminum speakers add some HF response. It is what it is. Still own.
  10. Hey DW, I'll "one up" ya on a shorter list! I gigged a bunch years ago, but not so much anymore, check out the "time gap"

    Rig Pre Rig No name amp from Canada - I was only 12, its what I got as a present! With a Penco bass. ( they also made lockers!)

    Rig 1 Peavey Bass head (200?) , Ampeg V4B 2X15" folded horn ( BOOM at 18' out!), Traynor 6X10". Bought the Peavey/Ampeg combo cheap. Was only 16, so tube v ss wasnt an issue and the rig sounded OK. But when I started to gig out, man you couldnt hear much bass on stage, or the dance floor, but the old plaster was cracking off the back wall of the pub 25 feet away! The FH had so much velocity, you couldnt hear the bass well for twenty feet or more away! Bought a Traynor 6X10 with one "odd" cheapo speaker, and you know what, for Sabbath, blues, etc, the 6X10 with a fuzzy" speaker was mint! The "high velocity" Ampetg V$B bottom was sold off - along with illusions of arena rock!
    2. Peavy Combo 1X15" with the Traynor along side ( great rig!) Got a steady gig and needed something easier than the big ampeg, and this was a rockabilly/CW deal ( not jazz fusion as I had hoped! - but it payed well!) , so a 1X15" combo served well. The 6X10" hardly ever made it out again, other than bigger venues. As comapred to most CW players in the area, I had a super punchy sound that was perfect in the mix, and I kept it tastefully simple until they let me fly off on some of those rockabilly tunes!.
    3. Mesa Walkabout 15" was best thing I heard, BY FAR, at the one music store I had access to amongst Ampeg, SWR, Peavy when I needed a gigging rig again.
    4 Same Walkabout with a Hartke 2X10XL along side. Needed a bit more stage monitor than the Scout handled, so added a along side cab.

    Being Gas constrained , as I'm not making any bread playing anymore, the Scout is cool. Yet, a Shuttle and some Baer cabs is what this place has brainwashed me into coveting.

    Dw that Hartke cab, to my ears, is shrill as sin stand alone BUT, when mated with a big ol warm 1X15 Mesa Scout, it sounds nice and acts as a great stage monitor. Not so sure I'm diggin on tweets and metal drivers.
  11. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    Interesting thread!

    1: Sunn Beta Bass Combo - Not really my first amp, it's actually my father's. However, it's the first bass amp I played through when I started around 1997. It's one of my favorite vintage solid-state amps. Although I've come to dislike 15s (I'm one of the apparently few people here who does think that 15s "sound" different than 10s and 12s - and I don't mean that they have a different frequency response). So if I were to ever get nostalgic for a Beta, I'd like to just pick up the 100 watt head version Sunn made.

    2. Crate BFX100 Combo - I started gigging and I needed an amp, so my parents bought me my first amp in 2001. It sucked, it sucks, and it will forever always suck. It's very difficult to get a good tone out of it. Plus, it just isn't that loud. I gigged it for years because I was po'. Thank God for PA support. I still have it buried in the back of a closet. This was a great example of being young and naive. I had a choice between this and an Ampeg BA115. I went with the Crate because I thought it had better low-end. Obviously, it turns of objective quality, the Ampeg walked all over this turd. You live and learn, I suppose.

    3. BBE Bmax and QSC RMX850 - My first real professional level amp that I bought in 2005. I loved it. I never sent the Bmax in to BBE for the gain mod, which I should have. I always had trouble clipping the input of the power amp. I keep it in my gig bag as a makeshift DI if my current amp were to go down on a gig. I used it on a gig about a year and a half ago and I thought that it still sounds amazing. To this day, I've never found an amp that has as much detailed high-end definition on tap as this preamp. I've thought about sending it in to BBE to have the gain mod down so I can rack it and use it again every once in a while. I eventually unracked the RMX850 and started using a PLX1602, which is a great amp as well.

    4. Avatar Neo 4x10 - I bought this around the same time I bought the QSC and BMax as part of my first stack. It was alright; but I'll be honest: I don't see the hype with Avatar cabs. I thought it had an ugly high mid-range and the box itself was of poor quality. I eventually got rid of it because the joints were actually starting to come loose and you'd heard the box rattle when you'd hit a low note on the E or B strings. Plus, this was back when Avatar's x-overs were complete trash. It's a solid mid-level cab, but they don't stand on par with Eden, Berg, G-B, etc. like some people try to make them out to be.

    5. Aguilar S410 - With my Avatar falling apart after less than a year, I came across Musician's Friend blow-out sale on S series Aggies at the beginning of '06. I pulled the trigger on one. When I plugged it in at home, I thought "Wow, this is a cool sounding cab." Then I played it on the gig that weekend. My face went :eek:. It crapped and then danced on said crap with moon boots all over the Avatar it replaced. I immediately bought a second one from MF before they sold out. There's were my primary cabs for years and they have hundreds of gigs on them. When I bought some Bergs (see below), I made the decision to put them up for sale, since I knew they'd just be taking up space. I sadly sold one this past summer, but I still have the first one. For nostalgia, I played it on my last gig with my former rock band last month. I remembered why I loved the cab, but I forgot how dark sounding the S series cabs were.

    Crown XLS602 - I bought this before the PLX1602, because I wanted more headroom. Junk! Junk! Junk! Just because it says "Crown" on it doesn't make it good. These things are meant more for running the PA at church hoagie sales than bass replication. They're also a PITA to bridge. You need a specially wired XLR cable to chain the channels. Sometimes it's hard to A/B equipment in a living room or garage, so I took this amp with my QSC to a gig. Before sound check, I hooked up both amps and listened to them at gig volume. No contest. The QSC was infinitely superior to the Crown. The Crown was muddy and slightly distorted in the low-end. I reracked the QSC and immediately got rid of the Crown.

    6. Eden CX210 - This is probably one of the best sounding cabs I've ever owned. I bought this in like '07. I was skeptical of the coaxial driver, since I like horns. I found the coaxial driver to be much more natural sounding than a traditional horn or tweeter. Unfortunately, these cabs are rated around 250 - 300 watts. If I played a four-string, I would have been golden. Any note I played on the B string, even on my most quiet gig at the time, required a fair number of watts from the amp to produce. Hence, I'd clip the speakers with too many watts. I thought about pairing it up with another Eden 2x10, but the CX 210s are kind of rare. Plus, they're more narrow and cube-shaped that the XLS and XTS series 2x10s, so they probably wouldn't have stacked well.

    7. Eden D15 - Bought this in, I think, '08. It solidifed why I don't dig 15s. It was kind of cool to play by itself for an old school Jamerson vibe, but it clipped way too easily to be of any use. Pairing it with a 4x10 and no x-over was a classic example of why it's general wisdom on TB not to mix different cabinet types. It ran out of steam way before the 4x10s. I actually gave it to a drummer friend of mine who was touring on bass with a band.

    8. Aguilar GS112 - I bought this in '08. A local cat who gets a lot of used gear put it up for sale and I snapped it up immediately. This is actually an example of a time when mixing drivers works. Even though the GS112, on paper, rolls off sooner than the S410s, it produced a certain low-end presence that was missing with the S410s. It is scooped sounding, and I'm not a big fan of it by itself. However, I still have it and have used it on rehearsals and acoutic gigs.

    9. Mesa/Boogie 400+ - I bought this in grad school in 2009. Someone had posted this up on a local music forum for $500. What would you do in this situation? :D I had never owned a tube head, but I was familiar with the awesomeness of the 400+. I think my guitarist was as excited as I was when I walked into the gig later that week with it. It is still my main gigging amp.

    10. Hartke HyDrive 4x10 - I loved the sound of the Aguilars, but golly geez they were heavy. I was considering going back to a neo-loaded cabinet. A good friend of mine had recently bought a HyDrive so I went and checked out the cab on one of his gigs. I really liked the sound of the HyDrive, so I went and picked one up a few days later. It was a great sounding cab. It just had one problem: It didn't like tube amps for some reason. The drivers easily over-extended whenever I play the Mesa (or the Eden below), but I could pump hundreds of solid-state watts into it with no problem. I went back to my Aguilars and parked the Hartke. I eventually sold it to my friend who hipped me to the HyDrive series in the first place, so now he has two. If it weren't for not playing nice with tube amps, I'd probably still be gigging the Hartke. It truly is a great sounding cab.

    11. Eden 300T - I was still in tube delight over the Mesa. I bought this as a sort of graduation present to myself when I finished my Master's program. I actually bought it off of IntrepidCellist. It's been a great amp, but I've been wanting to sell it. It just isn't really "my sound." I like the lows and mids, but I like a sharper top-end, as produced by the Mesa, that this amp just doesn't seem to have.

    Carvin MB12 - My personal practice combo had pretty much pooped the bed and I needed something else. I picked up an MB12 and really fell in love. For a three-way cab, it doesn't really have a lot of depth, which I guess is to be expected from such a small box. An extension cab is a must to gig it. For one gig, I used to use this amp with the above-mentioned Hartke. Tone heaven!

    11. Bergantino AE410 - I was happy to be back with my Aggies, but I was starting to really hate their weight. One of these popped up in the Classifieds here at the beginning of this year. I knew the Berg reputation, so I decided to give it a go. First thing I noticed on the its first gig: It's freakin' loud! I've never owned a cabinet so efficient. I've actually been in situations where I've been asked to turn down and I physically can't. My amp will be on "1" and it's still too loud because the Berg is so efficient. I dug the AE410 so much that I picked up another one a few weeks later. I've never played a gig where I've neeededboth, but I've stacked them together for a couple of gigs. My current gig will probably never require both Bergs, but I like having the second one just in case I'm ever in a situation where I could use it.

    12. Carvin B2000 - I wanted a high-powered solid-state head that sounded good as A). a back-up to the Mesa, B). an amp for crappy voltage gigs that SS heads better deal with than tube amps, and C). for instances where I just wanted a lot of loud, clean power. I really liked the BX250 in the MB12, but I thought the B series may be a good way to go. I bought a used one back in about March off of Guitar Center's website. I instantly loved it. It's played a fair amount of gigs. I think I've only ever pushed the Master past "2" on one occasion at an outdoor show. The one and only thing I don't like about it is that I wish the highs were voiced...well, higher. The BX series seems to have a little more high-end on tap. Man, I'm noticing a theme here: I really like a lot of detailed high-end definition from my amps. :D

    13. Ampeg Micro-VR - I honestly don't know why I picked this up other than I was just intrigued by a mini-SVT. You can pick them up used for a dance and a song, so I thought, "Why not?" I bought one off of the Classifieds this summer. It's a cool little head. While it doesn't have the massive low-end or grind of a real tube SVT, it does do a good job at nailing the round clean SVT sound. With the efficient 4-ohm Bergs, you can get a lot of mileage out of it. I like the headphone outs too. I'm actually going to be using it on my NYE gig next with (with PA support, of course).

    Damn, I didn't realize that I've owned that many amps until I wrote up this post. :eek:
  12. AdamR

    AdamR Supporting Member

    Sep 24, 2007
    Bethel CT
    Endorsing Artist: VF Cables, Dirtbag Clothing
    Wow thats a lot of gear. Heres my amp journey

    1st amp, Have no clue what it was. It was a small single 12" solid state combo for guitar. Sounded like crap.

    Peavey TNT115 My first real bass amp. I worked all summer (1992ish) to buy it it was heavy as hell but I remember it sounded pretty good.

    Peavey Mark III I picked this one up with a pair of Carvin cabs a 410 and a 18. Didnt matter how it sounded. I was a Jr in high school and had a full stack.

    Marshall integrated bass head. It said Marshall on it so I had to have it. I remember it had scratchy pots and would stop working randomly.

    At this point I took a long break from playing bass and played guitar in a bunch of bands, eventually wanting to get back in to playing bass.

    SWR SM500 and working mans 410T. No matter how I dialed it in I couldnt find a tone I liked. I eventually traded the head for a Jazz Bass Special

    Ashdown Mag 300. I actually really liked the tone of this amp. It was cheap, plenty loud and easy to dial in.

    GK800RB. Had to have one. All my favorite bass players used them and its the tone in my head. I think I like the fact that it doesnt have a ton of low end.

    GK Neo 212 series I. I picked this up to go with the 800RB. It sounds really goo and is light but it doesnt have the punch my old SWR had.

    Ive also gone through a few Sans Amps but never got to use them in a band. The VT bass had a nice snap to it but I felt like no matter how I set it up I could only get one tone out of it. The BBDI I liked better but for some reason I eventually sold it too.
  13. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    I had a bunch of junk typed up, but I'll restrict to things I actually played a good amount of gigs on:

    SWR Bass 350 + SWR Goliath Jr + SWR Triad. Sucked, mostly. Had between 1999 and 2001 but quickly needed more horsepower as I got into a band playing larger shows.

    SWR IOD + Carvin DCM1000 + SWR Goliath Sr. 6x10. Was my big rig for about four years. I eventually replaced the IOD and Sr. with an Aguilar DB680 and GS412 after some reliability concerns and frustrations with post-Fender SWR. This was my rig when I was touring full-time - probably 400+ shows on it.

    AMP BH260 + two Avatar 112's. This was my "jazz" rig from 2001 through 2006, great little setup that worked quite well with upright.

    Aguilar DB680+DB728 / DB750 + GS412. 2006-2008. The 750 is nice, but the 680+728 combo with the GS412 was sublime. Both setups are too big to gig with nowadays, but I'd love to have another 728 some day.

    Aguilar AG500 + GS412/GS112's. 2009-Today. The GS412 was my only cab from '09 until a few months ago, when I flipped it for a pair of GS112's. They're able to hang past what I expected them to volume wise, but the AG500 really needs the extra speaker surface to shine so I'm hoping to pick up another GS412 that's for sale here very soon. The AG is my favorite Aguilar head - the clean channel meshes perfectly with my basses and the distortion crushes.

    I was GASsing for a new setup a little while ago, but after trying a few of the new hot things I think the AG500/GS412 setup still is it for me. I'd trade the 500 for an AG1000, or a DB680-ish head with a class D poweramp, but that's about it.
  14. 1) Peavey KB100 (My parents had it for keyboard. Worked great.)
    2) Peavey Combo 115 (Great sounding and never had an issue.)
    3)SWR SM900 w/ Golliath 3 and Big Ben (It was the top of the line SWR when Steve Rabe still owned the company.)
    4) SWR MiniMo Preamp w/ Crown K1 (SM900 moved to back up. Just started likeing effects. Got to know Mo West.)
    5) Bag End Powered Q10DX w/ EBS MicroBass Pre. (Have a nice pedal board.)

    That really is all of the amps I've owned.
  15. dannylectro

    dannylectro Supporting Member

    Aug 2, 2010
    Yonkers, NY
    Cool... the question is can I do it?
    1) 1973 Fender Bassman 10. Not loud enough for the rock band I was in. Wish I had it today. very warm tone, but was looking for clanking/scratchy punk tone.
    2) Acoustic 1X15 combo amp, bought new in 1979 with my first credit card. Terrible amp. I've never been out of debt since...
    3) '70's Ampeg V-4 (guitar amp) and and Acoustic 18" folded horn cabinet. That cabinet was huge! Used with a Gibson EB-3, it was a a huge, booming loud mess. Loved it.
    4) '70's Ampeg V-4B with custom-made (but nothing special) 2X15 cabinet. Eventually blew the cabinet. Only effects were MXR 10-Band EQ and MXR CE-2 Chorus. Used in arty punk band. The cabinet was easier to move than the folded horn, but I never liked it with the V-4 - too muddy for the time.
    5) Gallien Krueger 800RB, biamped into two Joe's 1X15 (lows) and a Joe's 2X10 (highs). Used in 80's new wave/power pop band. Same effects as above, but with rack-mount Symetrix CL-150 compressor. This was a cool, very hi-tech rig that sounded great in a band band that drew heavily from the Cars, Duran Duran, etc. Pain to set up...
    6) GK 800RB into Ampeg 8X10 cabinet. Used in power pop/punk band. Only effect was MXR CE-2 Chorus, and the Symetrix CL-150.
    7) '70's Ampeg SVT into Ampeg 8X10 cabinet. Used in pure power pop band. No effects.
    8) GK 800RB into GK 4X10 (borrowed from friend... first amp I used when changing to flats). Started playing in pick-up gigs, recording, and smaller arty bands. Effects were MXR CE-2, and MXR Super Overdrive. I still loved the 800RB, but was beginning my quest for smaller, more portable rigs.
    9) GK 400RB into Ampeg 4X10 w/horn. One of my current rigs. Mostly used for rehearsal now - I own two GK 400RB's. Beautiful, warm, versatile tone that works for all my amps. I'd take this one out to every gig if it wasn't so big & heavy.
    10) Markbass Little MkIII in to <redacted> 1X12 w/horn. Hated the amp. Tubby mids, flabby lows. Just didn't get along with it at all. I know people here have other opinions about these...
    10) GK 400RB into <redacted> 1X12 w/horn. Currently my main cover band rig. Effects are MXR CE-2 Chorus and Tech21 VT Bass. A great, lightweight, versatile rig that accommodates all my basses in my 70 - 90's classic cover band. Note that we use a full PA with everything mic'd. Not sure the cab would cut it on its own.
    11) GK MB150S (small combo) used for acoustic shows with an ABG. No effects. A surprisingly loud, versatile amp that is perfect for use in almost situation I've encountered with an 8-piece traditional/alt-roots string band.
  16. Mesa 400+ and Ampeg PR1832HE: handsome cab, heavy and a nightmare to load in and out. Farted out/distorted way to easy

    Ampeg SVT-IIP, BBE382i and Crest poweramp with Ampeg 810E: Great sounding set up, handled a large amount of power. I managed to rip the cones out of two speakers. But it sounded great up until the speakers let go.

    Ampeg SVT-IIP, BBE382i Crest poweramp with Fender PRO 810: Decent sounding cab, gets plenty loud. Not as sweet sounding as the Ampeg 810E.

    Mesa M-2000 and Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 2x15": My favorite so far, clean and clear sounding with enough pounding lows to drive a hard rock band. The four casters also make this cab so much easier to load in/out compared to the Ampeg & 8x10" tilt back/two caster design.

    Mesa M-2000, Eden WTDI, Powerhouse 2x15", Behringer Nu6000 and Fender PRO 8x10": can fill most larger venues with the deep and thick bass I crave.
  17. willsellout

    willsellout Supporting Member

    Aug 13, 2002
    Key West, FL
    I couldn't even begin to map my rigs out. I know I've played every brand with just about every speaker configuration. Beyond that, I'm at a loss.
  18. Tuned


    Dec 6, 2007
    Traynor Bloc100K (high school)
    Fender BXR300C (PIG of a combo)
    Added 1970 Traynor YBA-1 and Hartke 410XL (prog years, distorted 4x10 + 1x15 combo)
    Sold combo, moved to west coast
    Ampeg V4 (modded to V4B, sorda)
    GBX powered 8x10 (reluctantly accepted to settle debt, never left jam space, nice rig, but another PIG! Gave it away when I moved back east)
    Built 1x15 cab for a freebie EV DL15X, V4 blew it, replaced with Eminence Delta Pro 15A, identical performance and tone
    SWR Goliath III 4x10 4 ohm
    Messed neck up, V4 had to go
    Peavey IPR 1600 (EQ pedal preamp for fretless worked great, then got more fretted gigs)
    Ampeg SVP-CL (started liking fretted bass again ;)

    I'm a sound tech that got to borrow lots of kit, and can always rent cheap, I only bought what came along cheap, but my SVP-IPR-SWR rig is here to stay. If I gigged as much as I mix, I'd probably get an Amplite and Golight 4x10, but for ~70 gigs a year I'm not fixing what ain't broke.
  19. rust_preacher


    Dec 17, 2009
    Can hobbyists play? I have gone through my gear woes as a guitar player before, so starting on bass in early 2010 I knew what I was getting into. I had bought a 1978 Telecaster bass in 2006 and a ...

    1) Trace Elliot 1996 SMX GP7 250 head a 1x15" cabinet. I could have lived with this, easy. But as my bass collection started to expand, so did my "amp needs".

    2) I found a used Aguilar DB212 cabinet in Monster green for a great price. Naturally, it required a powerful head, like:

    3) MarkBass LM II that a colleague sold to me, for a decent price. So far, so good. But, an all-tube amp would be great, no?

    4) Ampeg V4BH. But where did all the volume go? I had sold the Trace gear by then, but the MarkBass was still there. I guess I could get another cab, since the DB212 was 8 ohms. get a custom order...

    5) ...Aguilar DB212, new, in Monster Green. Now we're talking! But, Aguilar is getting into the micro market!

    6) Aguilar TH500 amp. GREAT piece of gear. the LM II is no contest so I sell it. In the mean time, I got frustrated at waiting for the TH500, and jumped on a deal on...

    7) Aguilar DB751. Got a Monster Green headcase for it too. Way too loud, but tone heaven! I needed to use earplugs to play it, and I had already sold the V4BH to finance this one. The TH500 required a cab to go with it...

    8) Found a Laney 2x10" combo box, the amp had blown. Great find at a cheap price, and the TH500 went right into the amp slot together with a rack tuner. If only it went deeper.

    9) Got a Laney 1x15" NXP cabinet to go under the 2x10" combo. The Monster Green stack in my garage sees less and less time. Wife and I decide to sell the house, with no kids living with us and other real estate to take care of it was too much. Move into center of our city and start major renovation projects at the country place. All gear mentioned above goes into storage. Solution:

    10) Ampeg Micro VR amp and a 2x10" cab. Works great at low volume, has aux in and headphone jack. Great concept for practicing! Somehow I never use it that way, and at low volume, the fan noise kills the fun. But an opportunity presents itself when I find...

    11) Dynacord Eminent II, transistor front-end 4-channel PA tube amp that gets 80 watts out of two EL-34s. Tone heaven! I start searching for a vintage cab for it with little success, so I settle for a modern one:

    12) TC Electronic RS-112. Great complement for the Dynacord. The amp sits on it sideways and I have placed the stack on top of my home computer chassis so it saves space too.

    Now, I have a gig coming up and my main gear is at the very back of the temporary rented storage space. No realistic way to move it out of there. I guess I will do the gig with the Ampeg half stack... unless I find another 2x10" now that the post-Christmas sales have started.

    It never ends, does it?
  20. gleneg61


    Jan 10, 2008
    Osaka Japan
    1980-83 Jade 115 Combo
    83-87- Peavey MKIII head & EV TL15
    88-96- Various Yamaha & SWR cabs w/ Acoustic or Yamaha heads in Japan
    96-97- GK MB150 head & EVTL15 or Hartke 210 cab
    97-99- GK 400RB head w/ EVTL15 &/or Hartke 210 cab
    99-01- GK 800RB head w/ Nemesis 410 or 210 cab
    01-02- Roland DB500 Combo
    02-06- GK700RB 700 head w/ Nemesis 410 or 210 cab
    06-07- Markbass LMII head w/ Nemesis 410 or 210 cab
    07-12- GK MB200/500 w/ Nemesis 210 cab or GB3.10t combo in Japan

    I've played through Ampeg, Hartke, Eden, Yamaha, SWR back lines that were great rigs but I didn't have to pay for or lug them so here are my thoughts. Nemesis 410 cab is the best cab I've ever had/heard for the money/weight/power, even to this day; 52lb or 23kg of quality sound in the pre-neo days n still kicks ass like I've yet to hear so will never sell her. GK700RB best head that I never should have sold but happy with my current GK heads & the GB combo is brilliant, as all GB gear I've played & heard is!