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Listen to my band

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by BassPlayerRH, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. 5stringDNA


    Oct 10, 2002
    Englewood, CO
    Well, the guitars sound too hollow and scratchy, but it may be the recording. The vocals sound a little forced- they don't seem to quite flow with the song on one little lie, and on puff the magic dragon they are off-key. All-in-all sounds like above average local punk band to me. If you cleaned up the guitars and drums and worked on the vocals a little Unkown could be a pretty decent song. I've definately heard worse around here...I'm not really a fan of punk though, so you may want to ask someone else. :) Keep up the hard work adn rock on. :bassist:
  2. Thanks for the reply. That cd was made a while ago, I think we've gotten better, we really want to get a Fostex MR8 to record stuff to burn cds. You an Avs fan? I am too. I think we'll get by Minnesota alright as long as Foppa, Duke and Tanguay keep it up. Hopefully later we take revenge on the Red Wings (I mean Dead Things) for last year!
  3. bump
  4. Bardolph


    Jul 28, 2002
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Much better than the poser punk bands/life rebellion groups at my school.
  5. I liked One Simple Lie. nice late 70's British pop/punk sound...
  6. Killdar


    Dec 16, 2002
    Portland Maine
    thats pretty good stuff. :)

    I was skeptical about puff the magic dragon, but it really is quite well done, aside from the obvious little kinks.

    be a lot better with new recording equipment and a few touch ups on the vocals and stuff, but overall very cool, very listenable.

    if I saw your cd in a store I'd buy it.........it may be out there sometime soon, ya never know.