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  1. I recently bought a new bass about ehh 3 months ago maybe. Its been trouble since I got it, first off some wiring was screwed up but that was easy to fix, but then one day I went to play and the strings were clanking and not sounding right at all. Well I didnt really think to much of it because I just wanted to play but I went to tune and it was really sharp hmm not good then my dad told me to try and see whats wrong well imagine this the strings are touching the middle frets. One of my other basses had this problem so I opened the thing to the rod in the neck and I noticed it was really really loose, I didnt even want to mess with it, so I took it to the music store a little down the way and the guy said he would look at it. I went back today to pick it up and him and another guy had it out and were looking at it shaking their heads, so I talked to the guy a little bit and what I got from him was its pretty mested up and he will need a few more days. So to my point I was wondering how can a bass get that messed up when it really hasnt been used all that much, I havnt traveled with it yet, no extreme tempature changes, I havnt droped it, the only thing is that its been played. Any ideas on how that happened? Im leaning towards just poorly made.

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    What kind of bass? Was it used? Is it under warranty or can you return it?
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    sounds like a crazy situation. What kind of bass is it? if its a cheapy then thats probobly your reason, but to have a severe backbow like you say just all of sudden is pretty weird, good excuse to treat urself to some new gear though
  4. Its an AVIS, it was new and it was one of the only basses I picked up that sounded decent in the shop that I could afford at the time (all the money in my account was dollars and they take euro). About the warrenty I have one and what not plus the guys in their all remember me so they know I got it their and the guy said he was going to make a call to the manufactuer or something, there is a little of a launguage barrier so Im not quite sure. Its very strange that it just did that and its a pain.
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