little mark iii + JBL K140 ??

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  1. Hi !

    I need some help: I have a little mark iii and need to find a speaker for it. I found a K140 Alnico 15" 8 Ohms speaker built in a homemade cabinet for sale for ~299usd. I tend to use it mostly for rehearsals with my not so loud pop band.

    Is this speaker any good if its working?
    What kind of sound is it in the speaker? Could it produce warmth as well as high frequencies?
    How would this pair up with my [email protected] little mark top?
    Would it be loud enough for rehearsals? Gigs?
    Worth the money?

  2. They are reasonably easy to blow up with too much bass boost but sound great when mic'd. Up to you. There's a few soundbites on a johnk_10 thread.
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    I have to admit that I do like JBL drivers. I once owned a bi-amp system with four K120s for mids and highs and a pair of K145 drivers for lows. All were in individual cabinets. It sounded great but was more than a little overkill for the gigs I was playing. :)

    To the OP’s question, the K140 is a very nice driver for it’s day. By todays standards it is easily damaged by powering it with a big amplifier.

    You’ll have to pay attention to how the cabinet sounds and listen for signs of distress. You also have to wonder how the DIY cabinet was built and was it designed to suit the TS parameters of the K140.

    $300 seems quite high for a homemade cabinet even with a JBL installed.
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  4. For 300,- or a little more you should get something better new. Warwick, Fender Rumble 2x10, Eden or GK 1 x 12" etc.
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    Mar 8, 2015
    Great speaker but probably not quite right for your application.
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  6. Aren't these 140 speakers very cheap on the used market 'cause they were often used in PA systems before Neodymium speakers replaced them and no one wants them anymore, because of the weight?
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    The D, E and K series drivers will always be popular. I’ve yet to see them being given away at low prices.
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    With a real world power handling of about 75 watts RMS, you would need to be very careful to avoid damaging it.
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    Sep 18, 2017
    Great, classic speaker with rather old fashioned power handling. I've used them in very efficient cabs, like the dinosaur jbl 4530 (yes, as part of a bass rig!)
  10. On Ebay there are a lot of offers between 80,- and 120,-. But you're correct they aren't given away for free...