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    Feb 7, 2002
    I`ve been playing for some years and during those years I got some experiences not only about the music with a musicians. I am also a person with a personal life and with a life instead just a hard work at music. Well, it takes the most of my time to practice and be with my band… But that`s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about experiences I got by being a human, not just a musician. I don`t know if I can call myself a musician anyways, but well… we can forget it, because we are all playing a…
    Many years ago… when I was starting playing a bass I`ve met one famous bassplayer and he told me about his disappoint with a people. He had everything, he was playing at each big show and people were respecting his work. But then what happened? He was teaching a young ppl and when he was over 50 he fell into a drugs. God knows where is he now. I saw his almost end… because he was a man kind of instead my father. I was very very young, he was in that age of being my father and I could complain about the life and the people to him. He was listening me… He was also a first person who played me Deep Purple and Jethro Thull. We had a same passion for Rush and he was helping me with repairing those crappy basses which I could buy in that time. Oh how hard it was when I saw him suddenly liing and dying at his flat. I can`t say how horrible people fall down when he is at toluene. My “father” was dying! I was there several times then but that horrible smell of the toluene was everywhere…suddenly he asked me if I smoke a pot. I told no, when he started pulling out a weed and ran away. I was really shocked. That big and famous musician is in a crap. At least I tried to call him several times, but his mind was totally lost… He was talking a bull****s and he started abusing my parents.. Oh jesus, what the hell happened to a man which could be my father and who I was really respecting for his opinions? I must say I got scared. I stopped all contacts with him… no matter that he was a great teacher before and started hating Fenders *he had some spicy pieces. I let lying my bass in the corner for a year before I could take it in a hand again. I was really really scared by him and I am really sorry for not having that strong to tell him go to doctor, u really need a help. Well, I went through same crap (not a toluene) laters, because I forgot how horrible was this experience and I am happy for some people which were supporting me anyways I was doing a ****s. I happy that someone told me go to doctor and check some therapy because that man I was talking about didn`t have anyone to do this. I just want to warn some people checking that cool life on some **** like the snow or weed or something else. It can seem too far for someone who don`t know what it is to get out of drug depending, but u can`t really imagine how wonderful life is, when u are stoned. I just destroyed my health by those ****s and I must say that while of being high doesn`t worth those troubles I have till now. By stupid weed u can do a more mess than u can imagine… I don`t care if someone of u will smoke some green **** anyways, because it`s up to u to decide from experiences and informations u have. But everyones says that he/she is not depending on life when they are healthy.. All I wanted was to warn u … Miss. Ant.
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